8 Absurd Hair Loss Myths That Are Anything But True

Sep 15, 2014

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    The Fragile Vanity

    All hell breaks loose as soon as we realise that we are experiencing hair loss. While ageing is one natural reason for your tresses to go thin, overexposure to things like sun, crash dieting, hair extensions, and chemical treatments also affect the health of your locks. By the age of 50, almost 40 to 50 percent of men and women have suffered hair loss and so the numbers of hair transplants taking place have gone up by 42 percent since 2007. With facts also come myths- baseless and absurd. Here are some of them busted for the sanity of your mind.

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    Frequent Shampooing causes Baldness

    However times you shampoo your hair, it puts no positive or negative effect on hair loss. In fact, if you have hereditary hair loss, it doesn’t mean your hair is falling out; it means your hair is being replaced by finer, thinner hair. People with an oily scalp can happily wash their hair daily.

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    Drugs can Help Grow More Hair

    You wish! But, that’s not true. No drug in the market can change or give you more hair follicles on your scalp than you already have. This is hereditary and actually out of your control.

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    Losing 100 Strands Daily is Normal

    If you aren’t suffering from male-pattern baldness, losing 40- 100 strands of hair is perfectly normal. However, if you are the one with hereditary hair loss, your hair will be replaced by thinner hair. And eventually, the hair follicle will close and produce no hair whatever you do about it.

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    Blow Drying Causes Hair Loss

    When you blow dry your hair, your hair gets damaged and falls out finally but, there’s no reason to perspire. These hair grow back immediately. Blow drying or hair care products don’t cause any hair fall. However, you must limit their use to a minimum.

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    Colouring will Cause Hair to Fall Out Faster

    Sure, colouring and bleaching are hard on hair but they can’t be blamed for causing hair loss. If your hair colour is too strong, your hair can break from the scalp but nothing more will happen. Your hair will grow back just fine and the procedure won’t cause you to become bald.

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    Hair Loss Stops with Age

    Once you begin losing your hair, it will keep advancing over your lifetime and doesn’t really stop. However, the rate of hair shedding varies from individual to individual. The bad news: the earlier you start losing hair, the more likely you’re to become bald.

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    Plucking One Grey Hair Grows Two More

    Bad news first: you can’t avoid getting grey hair and you’ll get them inevitably as you age. Now the good news: pulling out grey hair doesn’t cause more grey hair to grow. So you can happily pluck those silvers out.

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    My Hair will Grow if I will Stand on My Head

    Sounds funny to you? It doesn’t to many. If you are a believer of this myth, please understand that hair loss isn’t a problem caused by poor blood circulation but age and genetics. Even if increased blood flow helped hair growth, you could not stay in that position long enough to have an effect on the hair follicles.

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