7 Yoga Poses you Can Do Using a Chair

Apr 04, 2018

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    Yoga at your desk

    Most of us are engaged in 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. desk jobs. Sitting at one place for hours means zero physical activity. Such a lifestyle can cause serious health issues such as back pain and repetitive stress injuries. Here’s how you can remain healthy at work even if you're sitting much of the day.

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    Eagle arms

    Keep your arms parallel to the floor while sitting on a chair. Bring your arms to the front, and cross your right arm over the left arm in a way that your palms touch each other. Keep your spine straight while lifting elbows. Hold the pose for five counts before you relax. Do the move with the left arm over the right.

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    Spinal twist

    Sit sideways on your chair. Keep both feet flat on the floor. Twist to the back of the chair while holding the chair with both hands. Hold it there for two counts before you relax and repeat with other side.

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    Neck rolls

    Neck rolls is one of the easiest yoga poses. You just have to begin to rotate your neck slowly, right ear to the right shoulder and then head back. Repeat on the other side – left ear to the left shoulder. At no time should you hurry neck rotation.

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    Forward fold

    Sit on your chair with your spine upright and feet flat on the floor.  Slowly bring your head lower and slowly turn your upper back, lowering your chest in between your legs. Try to plant the palms by the side of the feet. Hold the pose for two seconds before slowly rolling back up.

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    Cat-cow stretch

    Bring your feet flat on the floor and hands on your knees. Now inhale while arching the back looking upwards to the ceiling. Exhale out slowly, turning the spine and bringing the body back to the starting position.

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    Finger stretches

    Place the hands on your desk with your palms facing the ceiling. Keep the fingers pointing towards you and put a gentle pressure to counter-stretch the wrist and the forearm. Stretch the other arm out in the same manner. Do it on each side for 5 to 10 times.

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    Other yoga poses

    There are other yoga poses that you can do at your desk. They are standing pigeon, seated forward bend, seated mountain pose and standing forward fold with a chair.

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    Benefit of doing yoga using chair

    Yoga at work not just helps you get some physical activity but has many other benefits too such as it relieves stress to keep you calm, controls blood pressure and wards off back pain risk.