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7 worst foods to cure hangover

Hangover can give you a nightmarish experience if it is not cured properly. While some foods that you eat during hangover can cure your symptoms, there are others that can aggravate the pain. Here is a list of such foods.

Exercise & Fitness By Vasudha Bhat / May 25, 2015

Save yourself the Horror

Those extra lemon drops and shots of tequila you drank last night could wreck havoc on your head the next day. While you take the pains  to speed up recovery, you must be careful with the food that goes into your belly. To save the horror of aggravating hangover pain, here is a list of few foods that you should never consume when alcohol behaves as your worst enemy.

Orange Juice

Orange juice in your screwdriver was enough to cause the trouble. So, say no to it till you feel better. Sure, you will feel like hydrating your body but orange juice is not what you should drink as a quencher. Citric acid found in the juice can make things in your belly even more worrisome.


Those interesting bacon and cheese sandwiches are not for someone who has their head bursting due to excessive alcohol consumption. Try eating eggs with a toast instead to give your body the necessary nutrients.


Hangover is caused by dehydration in your body and sipping coffee during a hangover can dehydrate you further. Being diuretic in nature makes coffee a big NO during hangovers.

Greasy Food

You must have heard about the advantages of eating greasy food when it comes hangovers. But, remember that greasy food is only effective in preventing hangovers and not curing them. Eating a bag of fries or a cheese-loaded burger can irritate your already sensitive stomach.


You can nibble on soft pieces of meat but you must avoid eating a lot of it, even if you crave. Alcohol can lower your blood sugar level and eating too much protein with carbohydrates can worsen the condition.

More Alcohol

Though many people claim that drinking alcohol during a hangover can cure their condition, the truth is that drinking alcohol makes you feel better for only a short period of time. Eventually, you will feel dehydrated and your hangover will worsen.


Hungover or not, mayonnaise can do no good to your health. So, try to avoid it when you have your head bursting with pain and also otherwise.

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