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7 Weird things that can happen while you sleep

Remember the times you woke up suddenly from deep sleep fearing you were falling and about to hit the ground? Well, there is much more that people can do during sleep. There are other weird things too that people do while sleeping

Mental Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jun 23, 2014


If you are lucky enough then most of the night’s sleep comes as quite ordinarily. But there are nights when you experience some odd things. Here are the weird things that you can do while you are asleep. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

The Fall

Hypnagogic jerk is an involuntary twitch that occurs when a person begins to fall asleep. The twitch feels like a fall and awakens you suddenly. The hynagogic jerks usually feel like falling from the sky, a building, or tripping. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sleep paralysis is when you wake up in the morning and realize that you can’t move a muscle or speak. It can last from few seconds to several minutes. Sleep paralysis may leave you feeling choked as the muscles that control breathing are still paralyzed. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sleep Walking

Sleep walking is when someone starts walking while asleep. Since the person is still asleep and has no sense at all, sleep walking can be dangerous. During sleep walking you are out of sleep just enough to move your body but not enough for your brain to be awake as well. Image Courtesy: Getty

Sleep Talk

When you have been asleep for only an hour or two, your body still has enough muscle tone to produce sounds that accompany your dreams. This is one of the most common things people experience while asleep. Image Courtesy: Getty

Recurring Dreams

You brain makes you dream when it wants to sort out something or reevaluate some information with the help of the dreams. When your brain is unable to sort out something, you may have similar or same dream again and again. Image Courtesy : Getty

Sleep Sex

Sexsomnia is a less common but yet another weird example of things you can feel while sleeping. People can initiate or have proper sex even when they are in deep sleep. Although, the actual reasons are still unknown, it is believed to be because of going to bed with an urge. Image Courtesy : Getty

Exploding Head

The exploding head syndrome is another weird thing that can happen during sleep. During this syndrome people usually wake up suddenly hearing a loud noise or seeing a bright light and with a feeling of an exploding head. Image Courtesy: Getty


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