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7 Ways you can Double Up Workouts as Family Time

When it comes to exercising, there is little no motivation that can get us unstrapped from laziness, but if there is family to motivate, things can turn pretty favourable.Where there is a loving family, there is a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise & Fitness By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Feb 04, 2015

Family First!

The art of scientific application has sure got us far from that decelerating way of life to a much faster state of existence, but at the cost of us being dumber and lazier. Fortunately, the concept of family still wins a good score on the scale. Where there is a loving family, there is a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to exercising, there is little no motivation that can get us unstrapped from laziness, but if there is family to motivate, things can turn pretty favourable. So, if you resolve to start an exercise regime, count your family in. Here’s how.

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Start Moving

Exercising with the family doubles up as an opportunity to spend quality time together. So, get moving. You could be taking your kids to the park or give a helping hand in gardening, watering the plants, etc. Physical activity of any kind is a good habit that will last a lifetime. You could also go for a pre- or post-dinner walk.

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Play Music and Boogie Up

Move the furniture aside, fill the music player with some great music and gather the perfect props for an hour-long session of perspiring boogie. The duration of the session may vary depending how excited the participants are. You could also call in interested people from the neighbourhood.

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Sneak Workouts into Demanding Activities

If you sneak workouts into activities that need to be done, you will reap a lot out of it. Make your child walk instead of riding inside the cart at the supermarket. Take the stairs instead of the escalators when you travel by the metro. Encourage your child to walk to school if it is close-by or at least have the child walk some distance to reach school such as by parking the car a kilometer or two away from the school.

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Turn the Commercials on TV into Breaks for Fitness

The moment a show on the telly pauses for a short break, get everyone on their heels and start doing push-ups, sit-ups or squats. Make sure you do them together until the show is back. Some fun activities that you can do include playing “coach” in which one orders the other to drop and give him/her five or “follow me” in which one person takes the role of a guide and does simple moves like clapping, marching, etc that the rest have to follow.

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Run for Charity

Plan an activity that will not only help you and your family stay fit but will also be for a greater good: charity. You could take part in marathons that happen from time to time. Check whether there is any coming up in your locality and register right away.

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Walk the Dog

According to a recent research from North American Association on the Study of Obesity, dog-owners tend to have a lot of fun losing weight. Also, they are able to maintain and manage their weight for longer compared with those who do not own pets. This is precisely because of the fact that pet-owners are rather compelled to walk their dog at least twice in the day. You could all take the dog for a walk and enjoy some family time together.

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Swim Together

Until the weather gets a little warmer, you could use the indoor pool to swim together. While you tread water or do lunges, allow your kids to splash around. While you are in the pool, make sure safety is given more priority than the entire plan of swimming together. Kids who do not know swimming must wear their life jacket at all times. If you have older children, you could have them set a pace for you.

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