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7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Happiness

Happiness and unhappiness depend on you, and it is important to do the right thing so that you can seek happiness from life. Know what 7 things you do to sabotage your happiness.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Aug 02, 2014

Undoing Happiness

The first mistake that humans make is to undo the gift of life with their self centred over tones. Life is meant for the living, and not meant for scrutinizing or complications. A life that is devoid of complications, is a life well lived. But most times we are affected by the circumstances surrounding us, forcing us to make things different, to make the east look west is not the natural course of life. So, keeping this in mind we reach out to you, so as to point out the ways in which you are destroying your self, your being and your name. Above all, how you are causing unhappiness to grip your life little by little.
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Feeling Jealousy

Here is a definite vice of human nature, jealousy can make you blind, be it in relationships, work, or any other aspects of life. The interesting fact about jealousy is that it roots from your inability or the understanding that you have less and want more. It is not exactly about someone else having more than you, but you having less. This hurts you in more ways than you can imagine, and could often to lead to anger.
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Sense of Resentment

We are most times holding hidden grief and anger about not getting the right treatment, this resentment may seem like a very normal thing, but it only does you harm. Being resentful can make you weak, in fact forgiveness is a greater weapon that can make you stronger and healthier. If you really want to prove a point, you should forgive and be happy. Do not let people who hurt you in your life, they should not be the reason for your aching heart.
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Changing Others

You want to change others because you cannot accept them, and in the process you are disappointing yourself. Why? Because every person is ingenious to his or her own self, and there is no way you can change people to suit your likes and dislikes. Accepting others is extremely important, you have no control over it and your expectations would crash hopelessly.
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Increase Self Worth

A hyped sense of self worth is absolutely ridiculous, and it is a sure way to make your life more complicated. You begin to view yourself above everyone and everything, and then you change and turn into this person who is not wanting to learn anything because he or she already knows it all! This will create troubles in your life, and you will stop appreciating anyone. Remeber, no one likes such a person.
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Dpendence on Others

Relying on others for happiness is the worst kind of unhappiness you can bring into your life. When we rely on others, we happen to block our ability to stay happy and content with ourselves. We have to almost always be with that person who brings us joy. Dependecy can destroy your relationship and make it more complicated. There is no need to find happiness in others, you should always be content with yourself. You will be much happier than you were when you used to depend on others.
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Being Ungrateful

Here is another reason that can bring you unhappiness in life, and that is being ungrateful. Focusing on what you do not have all the time can bring out the ungrateful you and bring happiness in your life. Be grateful and thankful for what you have and the life you are leading and always be in a spirit of gartitude. You wil feel more satisfied and happy this way and you will attract more positive energy in your life.
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Breeding Hate

Here is another cause for unhappiness in your lives, and that is breeding hate. You are breeding hate in your life and inside of you, making it quite clear that you hate this or hate that. Hate means that you are forbiding any happiness to reach you, and you are making your life difficult for no good reason. Hating people and hating things will only stop you from growing and becoming a complete person.
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