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7 Ways to Suppress your Appetite Naturally

If you feel the urge to snack on a box of cookies only few hours after you had a filling meal, there is something definitely wrong in the body. And, even if something has not gone wrong till now it wouldn’t be long before you fall prey to obesity and

Exercise & Fitness By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 29, 2015

The Amusing Hunger Pangs

Does it amuse you sometimes how you feel the urge to gulp down an entire packet of cookies only few hours after eating one full meal containing as many as 700 calories? A worrisome habit. Isn’t it? But, the good news is that there are certain foods, which we call healthy foods that can make you feel full for a long time resulting in reduction of calorie-intake and curbing weight gain. So, instead of munching on a packet of chips, incorporate the following ways you can make your appetite manageable.

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Eat Avocado

Besides being a rich source of fiber, avocados are healthy for heart because of their monosaturated fat content. These fats suppress the appetite and make you full. However, it is important to eat them in moderation because they are high in fat. Even though the fat they contain is good fat, taking few precautions is always advisable.

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Include Sweet Potatoes in Diet

If you wish to skip unhealthy, starchy potatoes, sweet potatoes can be your alternative. They are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A. Also, a high level of carbohydrates and almost zero calorie content makes them a healthy alternative. Sweet potatoes contain a particular type of starch which makes them resistive to digestive enzymes hence letting them stay in the stomach for longer time, making you feel satiated.

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Have Oats for Breakfast

You can trade your stuffed paranthas and butter omelet with a bowl of oats if you wish to feel fuller till lunch. Oats contain a hunger-satiating hormone called gherlin and are very low on glycemic index. Opt for plain oats and add the most natural form of sugar like, honey, apple butter, vanilla, cinnamon, agave syrup or just a pinch of maple syrup.

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Drink More Water

The health benefits of drinking water are countless. There have been studies which show that many times when you have a urge to stock up your tummy, it is the signal which your body sends when it is thirsty. So, before you grab a pack of biscuits, try to control your appetite with a gloss of cold water. A research has shown that people who drink a glass or two of water before meal tend to eat less.

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Nibble on Almonds

Grab a handful of almonds and start munching on them whenever you feel the hunger pangs. Almonds contain antioxidants, vitamin E and magnesium. However, keep the servings to a handful to stay healthy.

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Include Ginger in your Diet

The medicinal properties of ginger have made it a popular herb for treating many health conditions. Throughout cultures ginger has been used for digestive purposes. Whether added to a smoothie, or sprinkled on a stir fry or simply added to a warm cup of tea, ginger has the ability to stimulate the body and ease the digestive process, making you feel comfortable and satiated.

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Drink Green Tea Daily

A cup of green tea after meals can curb your urge to have evening snack. This can work wonders because green tea contains catechins which can slow down the movement of glucose into fat cells maintaining blood sugar and insulin levels in the body. This balance also results in preventing a blood sugar crash which only a chocolate bar can satisfy.

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