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7 Ways to Raise Your Positive IQ

If being and staying positive has been a hard nut to crack, do not worry because we bring to you tricks to be an ever optimistic mortal.

Mental Health By Ariba Khaliq / Nov 24, 2014

Staying Positive Like a Proton

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”  All of us go through miseries in life- where we feel that blurting is healthy, quetching about someone who has mistreated us is normal, and that being critical is humorous. We subconsciously treasure our negative thoughts. Fortunately, some positive ideas and attitudes can make a huge difference in improving our outlook towards life. Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) is an indication of how well your mind acts in your best interest. High Positive Intelligence means your mind acts as your friend far more than as your enemy. Here are 7 ways to raise your positivity quotient (PQ).

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Stop Complaining

All sorts of it! It can be the most difficult thing to do but it isn’t impossible. Change your point of view towards the things you impulse to moan about; Instead of brooding about “there is so much crowd in the metro,” think “wow, I have lots of beautiful people to look at, which will make the journey time go by quickly.” Just make a witting decision to ignore the negative flow of emotions and be relentless in these attempts.

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Speak Nicely of People

Even when someone has treated you unjustly, speak well of them. Seems impossible? Try putting yourself in their shoes and understand why they did or didn’t do something. You cannot always change others, so change yourself by learning to see other person’s perspective. If this method doesn’t work for you, simply surround yourself with positive people.

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Write Gratuities Every Morning

Write down 10 things daily for which you are grateful to the almighty. In the beginning, the list might just be set to “my loving children,” “my understanding partner,” or “my huge bungalow.” But slowly, new things will start adding to this list, like “rains after a month of harsh sun,” “a younger looking skin even at 40 years of age”, or “my amazing baking skills.” Soon, you will find yourself writing 20 or 30 things in the list.

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Smile all the Time

There is nothing cheesy about it, smiling all the time is one of the easiest ways to change your mind set. When you will smile for no reason, you will realise that universe is giving you more and more reasons to smile. Even if someone makes fun of you, laugh with them.

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Stop Being Jealous

Don’t let others’ success overcome your thoughts and sentiments. Look at their success as a challenge- if they can do it, why can’t you? Controlled thoughts help in controlling life’s emotions and experiences. In order to control your thoughts, be it envy, jealousy, or anxiousness, you should meditate and relax. Accept others’ success and let the feeling go.

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Don’t Do Nothing

Follow Samuel Goldwyn’s mantra- “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”Sitting idle and doing nothing is the worst thing for a negative frame of mind. Stop moping around feeling sorry about yourself. Pondering upon your misfortunes or worries will not decrease them in any way. Nor will incessantly checking emails and browsing web. Get up and do something worthwhile. Exercise, help needy, go out on a vacation, and give your life a positive twist.

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Recall Your Positive Deeds

Don’t lose your equilibrium; remember, you have also done some good things, against the various bad things you have done. Recall them and feel the joy in your mind. Keep repeating Ralph Marston’s word to yourself- “You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.”

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