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7 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity

Creativity is playful and can actually play hide and seek with you. If your work requires you to be creative all the time and your mind has been acting lazy lately, here are some ways to stimulate your creativity and stay at the top of your game.

Mental Health By Ariba Khaliq / Nov 07, 2014

Who is Creative and Who Isn’t?

We are all creative on some level, but there are some people who have an easier time staying in the creative and inspired zone than others. It sometime happens that you know you are creative but you reach a threshold and start doubting your ability. Here are some ideas to light a spark within you so that you can explore your true creative potential.

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Jot it Down

You never know when an idea will occur to you, so it will help to keep a notebook and a pen at your desk, in your car or wherever you go so you can record them as you have them. If you are not the kind of person who would keep teh hand occupied for a notepad, use the notes app or feature in your smartphone.

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Imagine and Daydream

Imagine “What if?” and don’t be afraid to have what seems to be a completely crazy idea. Think beyond the obvious and that’s how you will get out-of-the-box ideas. Dream while you are awake and drift off to the world of visualisation.

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Be Intuitive

Follow your intuition, that voice from within that helps you sense things, because it never lets you down. If an idea occurs to you and you think you can exploit it further; do it regardless of what others think about your ideas. The current idea may not suit your present requirement but it may suit another one. No idea should be wasted.

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Read and Brainstorm

Read a lot and then read some more. Read a book, tweets, internet posts or whatever you enjoy. Just keep reading and learning and then you can brainstorm your ideas with your friends and family. This will help you develop your ideas further.

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Take a Bubble Bath

What in the world can a bubble bath not help you deal? It helps your mind and body to relax. The silence and the warm water will help you go within, explore your mind and take nuggets of gold out from there.

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Sleep or Don’t

Sleep can recharge your batteries and make you feel more creative, but also kicking your body and not sleeping for extended periods of time can trigger insane amounts of creativity. Funny but true!

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Love What You Do

When you fall in love with what you do, you will always enjoy digging creative ideas. You will do your job for the same reason that you breathe, because you have to. It is who you are and you love it. So, find your passion and do it. And then, do it some more.

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