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7 Ways to Control Blood Sugar

Follow these tips to control your blood sugar!

Diabetes By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jul 09, 2013

Physical Activity

Exercise is the most effective way to control blood sugar level. When you exercise, your muscles use glucose for energy. Regular physical activity also improves your body's response to insulin. These factors work together to lower your blood sugar level. Even light activities such as housework, gardening or being on your feet for extended periods, can lower your blood sugar level.

Include High Protein Diet

People with risks of diabetes are recommended to avoid diets with complex carbohydrates and high fat. Instead, including a diet which is rich in protein would help in maintaining energy levels of the body. It also helps in normalizing the wear and tear of the body by maintaining a high metabolic rate.


Sleep Well

Recent studies have shown that adults who sleep for 7-8 hours every night have better blood sugar levels in the long run than those who sleep less. The science behind it says that sleep keeps the brain clam and facilitates the normal hormone secretion in the body whereas lack of sleep can disturb the normal hormonal balance. A night’s sleep is as essential as food or exercise for proper health.


Drink More Water

Water plays a vital role in controlling blood sugar levels as it helps in mobilising the high sugar content in blood and prevents aggravation. Consuming 2-2.5 Litres of water in a day not only helps in regulating the physical functions but also lower the chances of cardiovascular and diabetic problems.


A fiber-rich diet helps in controlling blood-sugar levels. The fiber has the ability of absorbing the sugar in the blood and facilitating insulin secretion to normalise the diabetes. Including whole wheat and multi grains in diet will help you load up the body with fiber content.

Quit Smoking

Excessive deposition of Carbon in the blood can result in inhibited absorption of assimilated nutrients. Quitting smoking will therefore boost your health and will keep you away from diabetes.

Use Artificial Sweeteners

Using artificial sweeteners in place of sugar is a great choice to keep blood sugar levels in check as consumption of sugar directly affects blood sugar levels.


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