7 Ways Marriage Helps Men's Health

Jul 07, 2014

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    Marriage & Health

    For most men getting married is quite a big deal, they seem to lose all their freedom, their boyish days besically come to an end; and yes, those boyish days were definitely the best. But marriage is not all about being a domesticated cow, but there could be a whole new world that you may seem to like. While you are complaining about all the restrictions your wife has put on you, you should know that being married also means that you are healthy. Marriage does help men's health, and here we will give you an insight on the same.

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    More Sex, Better Health

    Here is a good news. If you were worried about getting any action as a young man, then here you are in the grand arena of your sex life. Especially, if the two of you are newly married couples, oh boy. Every day is a honeymoon, and soon enough you will be counting the number of times you do it in a day! Married men have been found to have more sex, so have fun!

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    Low Possibility of Cancer

    While you will not be completely disease free after marriag, there is a great possibility that you will fare better than your bachelor friends. Researchers from the Norway had reviewed about more than 440,000 cases of cancers that are common, like breast, prostate, lung, skin and colon. They found that married men were less likely to die of their disease than any other population. Single men were found to be the worst. 

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    You could Survive a Heart Attack

    Here is another great news! If your marriage is a love filled on, then that will have a positive effect on your heart. A study of 225 people who had undergone coronary artery bypass grafting for heart problems found that those who were happily married were more than three times likely to be alive 15 years after the surgery.

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    Low Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Love is the answers to all the world's troubles, at least for men, or so it may seem like. According to a study published by Journal of Traumatic Stress, it has been found that by communicating with your spouse frequently you tend to improve on your health by preventing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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    Increased Life Expectancy

    Great news for you! Now apart from having chances of surviving a heart attack and reducing the risk of getting cancer, you also actually have increased your life expectancy by getting married. Many studies have shown how marriage can boost the length of your life. The overall risk of death is 32 percent lower for men who are married than men who are single.

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    You Behave Well

    Here is the domesticated cow bit comes in, but it is not too bad. By marrying you are settling down, and that is a good thing, you cannot be a libertine all your life. Married men are more reponsible, less agressive and are more social. It is also found that married men are less likely to get tangled with the law and end up in prison. Marriage seems to be a good deal for those who have had a unsettled past.

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    You will Drink less Alcohol

    Being married can be change you in great many ways. You also begin to drink less, and will not have to wake up all tired and stoned. According to a study, husbands seem to consume lesser alcohol when compared to their single friends. This can put an end to binge drinking and alcohol depenence. Good news for your liver and for your life!

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