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7 Ways interval training can completely transform your body

Don't have time for gym and workout regimes? Interval training is your thing. Get fit and healthier without spending much time inside the gym.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Feb 09, 2015

Switch to Interval training

Heard of interval training? Not before today? Well, you must be wondering why one should think of switching to interval training and what it actually is. Interval training is the ultimate cardiovascular workout which alternates between intense activity and fixed periods of less intense workout or even complete rest. It can improve fitness levels quickly which is very essential for all those who have busy schedules and don’t want to spend long hours in the gym. Here is a list of proven benefits of interval training. Image Courtesy: Getty


And, it is the Same as your Everyday Activities

One of the best things about interval training is that it is almost similar to your daily activities that you perform almost every day. Most people fail to focus on working at a moderate to high level of workout for long hours due to lack of time. We should understand that taking breaks and rest between intense activities is a natural phenomenon. Interval training is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the sudden bursts of stress or activity that you experience from time to time. Image Courtesy: Getty

Improves Oxygen Utilization

Interval training can improve your body’s ability to use oxygen more effectively. Oxidative capacity tells how much oxygen is required by the muscles during aerobic exercise. If the muscles can’t pull off enough oxygen from the body, there is no big deal even if your lungs are working sufficiently. The measure of oxidative capacity is known as mVO2 which is the maximum amount of oxygen that can be used by the muscles from the blood. Studies have shown that interval training can significantly increase the body’s ability to use oxygen. Image Courtesy: Getty


Saves Time

You don’t have to spend long hours in the gym or run for several kilometres every day to get the benefits of interval training. Five to ten minutes of Interval training would be sufficient enough to give you what you would get from an hour long run of maximum capacity. According to a study, interval training for one and a half hours each week produced the same results when done over a six week duration as regular endurance training done for five hours every week. Image Courtesy: Getty

Improves the Ability to Burn Fat

The reserves of carbohydrates get exhausted through interval training. You may find it little backward to think that improved fat burning is one of the benefits of  interval training as carbohydrates are used as the main source of fuel. However, when the glycogen reserves get exhausted, it is necessary to replace them through fat. Even after hours of your workout you will be able to reap the benefits of interval training because you will use fat to replace the depleted glycogen. Image Courtesy: Getty

Increases Human Growth Hormone Production

Interval training increases the production of human growth hormone known as somatotropin. This hormone is required to repair damage occurred to the tissues and help in building muscles. The production of human growth hormone also aids in recovery from injuries caused during workouts, ensuring you will be ready for the next session of your workout. Image Courtesy: Getty


Improves Heart's Efficiency

There are two simple metrices to improve the amount of blood pumped throughout the human body.  The two metrics include the amount of blood expelled by the heart and the rate at which the heart pumps blood.  Researchers have shown that people who are fit have a lower than average resting pulse. Interval training makes your heart stronger thereby making it possible to expel more blood with each pump.Image Courtesy: Getty

Reduces Insulin Dependency

Body tends to use insulin for the transportation of sugar cells in the form of glucose which is then used as energy. The good thing about exercising at a high level of intensity is that it causes the body to produce lactate which is transported to cells much easier than glucose and it does not require any insulin to do so. It is then converted into pyruvate, a major chemical that is used to produce energy quickly. The interval training is effective both for diabetics and non-diabetics. Image Courtesy: Getty


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