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7 Warnings Signs that Indicate you are Heading for Hairfall Trouble

You may be heading towards baldness and you might not even realize it. Some strands of hair falling out is normal but, to determine the level when things start to get ugly, you must know the signs. Here is some help.

Fashion & Beauty By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 31, 2015

The Nightmare Comes True

Detangling the hair locks can be one of the worst nightmares coming true for many people. And what creates the fear is the fact that whenever you put the comb inside your hair, it doesn’t come out alone. With it comes a thick bundle of hair wrapped around. So, how would you know if this hair fall is normal or it is a sign that you are walking towards premature baldness? Here are some warning signs that you must take seriously to prevent an upcoming serious hairfall condition.

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If you can feel the scalp when you put your hand on your head, there definitely is something that is not right. This is the most common form of hairfall and unfortunately, the least noticeable too.

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Patches or Bald Spots

When there are circular patches around your scalp, especially at the back of your head, you are heading towards baldness. In some cases, the skin there can also become itchy or painful when the hair starts to come off.

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Sudden Loss of Hair

Forget combing or detangling your locks, if your hair starts to fall out even with a gentle touch, you are already on the path to some major hair problems.

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Receding Hairline

This can burn down your dreams of having thick long locks of hair because it means that your hair is working its way back to the scalp. The sight in the mirror will no more be a pleasing one.

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Losing Hair while Washing

There is nothing unusual with hair falling out while washing. But, if you see a thick bunch of hair in the drain, it raises an alarm. When you see the hair clogs making it impossible to let the water drain through, it is time for you to take some serious steps.

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Loss of Hair Due to Stress or Illness

Almost everyone of us must have experienced this at least once in a lifetime. Hairfall during the times of stress or illness is fine. But, if it persists after you have recovered from the illness, then you must rush for medical help.

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Hair Pulling Habits

You must observe your habits. If you find your hand meddling with your hair while you watch TV or read a book and you find hair strands scattered all around, then it is time to ring a bell. It is a warning you must not take for granted.

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