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7 Warning Signs you are Subconsciously Comparing yourself to Others

Comparing yourself with other may help you in several situations and allow you to perform better but if you are doing it subconsciously all the time, it can be very harmful for you as well as the people around you. Understand what the warning signs a

Mental Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jun 08, 2018

Stop Comparing and Live your Life

You might not even be aware that you are subconsciously comparing yourself to others. Such comparisons usually bring in lot of negative emotions such as stress and depression and may even lead to difficult situations. Here are some warning signs of you comparing yourself with others. Image Courtesy: Getty

Always about the Past

If you usually spend some time thinking of things that happened in the past, especially of those that give you some negative emotions, then you are most likely comparing yourself to others. If you see someone from your friend circle or the foe list being succesful in life and you end up thinking about their past, just to ignore their present then you are subconsciously comparing yourself to them. But, you shouldn’t worry. After all, no one is perfect or has a perfect life. They may not be as happy or as successful as you think they are.

The Judge

Judging others can be an easy thing for you but it may not be one of the most positive things in you. If you judge people too often, it could be because of your inner insecurity or your subconscious mind trying to prove yourself better than others. Don’t judge people unless you really have to. It could only leave you with some negative emotions including anger, jealousy and feeling of being worthless. Image Courtesy: Getty

Use your Anger to Express Frustration

People who are always busy comparing themselves to others are usually unhappy and unhappy people often tend to be frustrated. They usually use anger as a disguise for their frustration and dissatisfaction with people they usually compare themselves with. Don’t use your anger to express or hide your feeling towards anyone. Try to avoid comparing yourself with anyone. After all, no one can be you better than yourself. Image Courtesy: Getty

Money Interests you

If you are not happy with your financial situation, it is likely that you are comparing yourself with others. If you find people from your past going to places and earning a lot more than you, it is obvious that you will start thinking about your growth during that time. But, if you are always concerned about how much other people are earning then it is obviously your dissatisfaction with life. Stop comparing, just focus on your goals. If you consistently achieve your goals you will automatically be successful. Image Courtesy: Getty

Not Happy with Yourself

If you are never happy with yourself, you are subconsciously comparing yourself with others. If you often think that you are not as fit as that guy from the technical department, your hair is not as nice as your neighbours' or you aren't as tall as that good looking guy you just saw, then must stop thinking all of these at once. Stop it and live with what you have got. You cannot decide everything for yourself but you can surely improve most of them. Image Courtesy: Getty

Hate the CityYou Live In

If you have been lately wanting to move to another city, rethink about your possible reasons. Are you just feeling lonely or do you just want to move someplace with fresh air and natural surroundings? Are you done watching your neighbour happier than yourself or is your friend more successful than you. Don’t quit your job just to get rid of all those negative feelings. It’s not the people around you or the city, it’s your habit of comparing yourself with others that is causing you all the discomfort. Just get rid of that habit and focus on the good parts of your life. Image Courtesy: Getty

Urge to Hurt Others

If you feel an urge to hurt someone who has become more successful than you, then you need to be very careful. You are on a dangerous track. Stop comparing yourself to others and don’t let those negative feelings take over you. Let go of every negative emotion and just love the positive things in your life. Comparing yourself with others will hardly get you anything good. Image Courtesy: Getty


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