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7 Unhealthy Things You Should Never Do after a Meal

Every meal is crucial for your overall heath but what you do after a meal is also important for your daily well-being. Understand the risks of some casual post-meal habits that can do more harm than good.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 01, 2015

You Seriously Need to Stop this!

Have you ever wondered that your after-meal habits can be crucial for a healthy living? To be a healthy person, you need to regulate what you do after every meal. Some of us find it difficult to resist smoking post meal while for others it could be something else. But do you have any idea how these habits of yours can cause more harm to your body than you can possibly imagine. Here we bring you the list of 7 things that you should not do after a meal. Image Courtesy: Getty


All of us know the warning messages that appear on cigarette packets that tell us how smoking is injurious to health, yet we like to smoke. Smoking will only cause harm to you regardless of the time you smoke. However it can do even more harm when done right after a meal. Though there is no definite scientific evidence yet, smoking after a meal may worsen the irritable bowel syndrome and cause ulcerative colitis. Image Courtesy: Getty

Eating Fruit After Meal

Undoubtedly, fresh fruits are among the healthiest foods but there is a right time when you should eat them. Fruits have simple sugars which get easily digested but when you consume them after a meal, they tend to just sit along with the food. Instead of reaching to the intestine where they are processed, they decompose in the stomach and may produce gas. You should schedule the fruits intake after or before a meal.  Image Courtesy: Getty

Taking a Nap

Yes, we all have been through that irresistible urge to sleep after a meal. But, it is better to fight it instead of giving in to it.  When you lie down immediately after eating your meal, the digestive juices from the stomach rise up to the food pipe causing heartburns. Another reason why you should not sleep just after the meal is when your stomach is full; it exerts pressure on the diaphragm resulting in snoring and sleep apnea. You shouldn’t fall asleep until two hours after the meal. Image Courtesy: Getty

Taking Shower

As you must be aware, our body requires an optimal blood circulation for all the bodily functions it does. When you take shower right after your meal, the blood tends to rush to the skin in order to regulate the temperature of the body which often creates digestive problems. You should at least wait for half an hour after the meal in case you need to take a shower. Image Courtesy: Getty

Drinking Tea

This is a tricky one since there are conflicting opinions on drinking tea right after meals. According to some studies, tea contains phenolic compounds which inhibit the absorption of iron in the body.  Therefore, drinking tea right after meals is not advisable. However, some studies claim that drinking tea helps in digestion by reducing the chances of gas formation. In case you like to go with the latter, you should opt for green tea, herbal teas or ginger tea after your meals. Image Courtesy: Getty


Your body needs some time to digest food before you can exercise. If you exercise right after eating a heavy meal, your digestive process will be disrupted which can cause vomiting, stomach puffiness and loose motions. Wait for at least a few hours after each meal before you hit the gym. Image Courtesy: Getty

Going for a Walk

It is believed that walking is good after meals as it helps indigestion. But you will be surprised to know that it is actually a bad idea as it can result in acid reflux and indigestion. However, walking about half an hour after meals is considered good. Wait for at least half an hour after meal in order to prevent acid reflux and stomach upsets. Image Courtesy: Getty


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