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7 Type of Women Men just can’t Stand

There are certain kinds of women who attract a lot of men. Surprisingly, there are certain others who make men repel. Here are personality traits the latter possesses.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / May 21, 2015

Do you Repel Men?

What do women want and what is it that they don’t want? It all remains a mystery for men, which they have been constantly trying to solve, albeit grudgingly. Did you ever take a minute and try to to make out all that could be driving away a man? Don’t look surprised because  some of your habits sure are making men go bonkers. Here is a list of some personality traits in women that men just can’t tolerate.

Negativity Generator

Probably you aren’t one of them, but surely there are women who knowingly or unknowingly generate negativity whenever they open their mouth. Everybody has a baggage full of complaints but that does not allow you to whine over things all the time. And, if you do it regularly, you are most likely going to push away the man of your dreams.

Weight Checker

If your favourite catch phrases comprise`I can’t have that piece of chocolate’ or `I can’t be here till late because I have to hit the gym’, you will never be a man’s preference. These things can infuriate a man instantly.

In-law Hater

Only few women get lucky and find a good pair of in-laws. However, even if you are not one of those lucky ones, it does not give you the liberty to bash up your in-laws verbally. They too are someone’s parents and they deserve to be dealt with nicely. And if being nice to them is asking for too much, at least try not to make any conversation with them.

The Busy Bee

If work, PowerPoint presentations, boss and office is all that you can talk about, then sorry you are not a charmer. A man would want to know about your interests. Don’t hide them behind your busy schedule details.

The Agony Aunt

These are women who like to give advice all the time. They can make normal conversations sound like counseling sessions. The sad part for these women is that most men are not looking to date their mother.

The Barger

You can never woo a man if you don’t give him his space and keep trespassing forbidden area. If you give him some time, he will open up but if you keep crossing the line, he will never be into you.

Drama Queen

Men are simple. Therefore, they want a woman who does not blow things out of proportion. Calling him a zillion times at work, whining about pity issues, pestering and nagging him all the time will soon land you negative scores.

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