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7 Tips to Save your Kids from Swine Flu

While the swine flu epidemic has hit all spheres of life, infants and toddlers are at a higher risk. Here are some useful tricks that will help you keep your child safe from the deadly flu.

Swine FLU By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 06, 2015

Stop the Epidemic

Swine flu, which has spread like nothing less than an epidemic in the country, has claimed hundreds of lives and has caused havoc on normal lives. Although the virus has proven to be deadly for healthy adults too, infants and toddlers are at a higher risk because of their low levels of immunity. Therefore, the best way to keep the little one safe is to boost their immunity. Following are some tips that you can keep handy to prevent your child from the fatal disease.

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Maintain Proper Hygiene

The key to protecting your child from contracting the infection is to maintain proper hygiene. Wash your hands before and after meals, after coming from outdoors or even after touching unclean objects. Besides, never forget to clean your child’s hands with soap and clean them properly for at least 30 seconds.

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Sanitise Baby Essentials

To give your baby a clean and hygienic environment, parents must ensure that all the baby essentials including their toys, teethers, etc are cleaned. Remember to keep changing your bedsheets and washing your curtains regularly if you have children around.

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Keep your Nasal Passages Clean

One of the easiest ways for the virus to enter the body is through the nasal passages. So, while washing hands and sanitising baby essentials, make sure you clean the inner parts of your baby’s nose.

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More Vitamins

Giving your baby a diet rich in vitamin A and C can keep your child safe from viral attack. Feed them with more citrus fruits like oranges, sweet lime, gooseberry, strawberry, etc which will give them more vitamin C. Also, include coloured vegetables like carrots, peppers, pumpkin, sweet potato and beetroot in their diet to give them a good share of vitamin A.

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Give More Zinc

Zinc is an important ingredient to boost your kid’s immunity and to keep cold and flu at bay. Include a diet loaded with cereals, nuts, pumpkin and squash seeds and give these to your child.

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Maintain Proper Ventilation

Although, it is advisable to stay indoors to prevent contracting flu, you must not forget to maintain proper ventilation in the house. Keep doors and windows open for at least three to four hours a day even if you have AC running all the time.

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Herbal Tea

Herbal teas have been known to build immunity. Brew a herbal tea using cloves of garlic. This can boost immunity both in kids as well as adults.

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