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7 Tips to Prevent your Nuptial Knot from Breaking off

Staying close to your in-laws, making your spouse feel special, and talking about issues, all these may sound like clichéd tips but, they surely work wonders when it comes to saving your marriage from the turbulence.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Aug 30, 2014

Marriages are Made in Heaven, Save Them

To block the stress from a troubled marriage the best way that couples can see these days is to walk out from the relationship hence, making the scale of divorce rate go upwards. There are very few couples who think that their marriage deserves a second chance. With this intolerance level growing, just like any other relationship marriage also calls for help. So, to live up to your marital vows the foremost thing that you need is the will to save your relationship and the rest can be done with the help of following these tips.

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Lack of communication is a slow poison for your relationship. The moment you quit talking out things with each other, your relationship starts wearing out. So, even if your schedule does not permit you to spend time with your partner make sure you dedicate at least 15 minutes of your day to talk.

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Give Respect

Just because you are married to them does not mean you can demean them whenever it pleases you. In fact, marriage is a bond which can only stay strong till respect exists between the couple. Don’t try to dominate or boss around with your partner. Their decisions also matter, understand this.

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Comprising is Necessary

It is human nature to feel weakened when it comes to compromising. But, marriage demands a different place in your life and a different behaviour. A married couple is ought to take several decisions in course of life and you must stay prepared to find a point of consent with your partner when you both don’t find it right to agree with each other. A consensual decision can keep you happy and your partner satisfied.

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Be Clear about Finances

You may have lived a completely independent life during your bachelor days when no one interfered in your financial matters. But, you must know that things change after marriage. Your partner has all the rights to know about your correct income and your expenditures. It is fine to have a separate bank account for your savings but, what is important is to keep your partner aware of it.

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Respect and Love your Relatives

This may not sound too easy to be done, especially when you or your partner do not share a cordial relation with each other's family members. However, you will have nothing to lose if you can at least make an attempt to have peaceful relations with your spouse’s family. Try to have polite conversations with them or plan a get-together once in a while.

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Keep the Romance Alive

This tip may sound over used but, it holds an important position when it comes to saving your relationship. Romance plays a vital role in making your spouse long to see your face at the end of day. Spend time with them, pay attention to their desires, and try to make them feel special whenever possible. Romantic getaways or special dinners can do the needful.

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Laugh Together

Even if it is over a silly incident that you came across on the road, it will let you share a good laugh with your spouse. In times of tragedies in the family you may find yourself drifting away from your partner. But, taking out some time to share some lighter moments will help both of you to feel good about your marriage.

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