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8 Tips for Maximizing Your Calorie Burn

Burning more calories is not going to be an easy task. Learn how you can burn more calories without any risk of side-effects or injuries.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 24, 2015

Burn It Faster

You will find countless convenient excuses when it comes to escaping your exercise routing. Be it rain, the cold weather, or your busy schedule, you may always have a reason to skip your exercises, but that is not going to help you with your fitness goal. If you want to be fit and healthy you need to burn more calories. You should look forward to spending time in the gym and should also know how to make the most out of your time in the gym. Here are some tips for maximizing calorie burn. Image Courtesy: Getty


Since nothing works better than a nice exercise regime, you should concentrate more on your exercises. Understand the correct technique for every exercise and perform every rep with patience without losing track of the technique. That way, you will be able to build lean muscles and lose excess fat quickly without any risk of injuries. If you have already spent few weeks in the gym, you can increase the difficulty level of your exercises by increasing the reps in each set and adding more difficult sets for every exercise. However, always be patient and careful while exercising to avoid injuries. Image Courtesy: Getty


One of the most effective and simple ways to burn more calories and gain fitness is to indulge in daily running exercises. You may go out for an early morning run which will allow you to enjoy the fresh atmosphere while burning calories. Or you may also run at the treadmill inside the gym if you can’t find a place to run near your home. To make sure you burn more calories, don’t just jog all the way, start running at moderate pace and then take turns to burst into quicker pace to develop endurance and stamina. Such running sessions will help you to burn more calories. Image Courtesy: Getty

Don’t Diet

Most people tend to take a short cut to burning more calories through dieting. Dieting can not help you with fitness or weight issues but it can only allow you to get temporary results that too with some sort of risk of side-effects on your overall health. For most people dieting means depriving self of food rather than following a healthy diet plan. Dieting or continuously eating less than required amount of food only leads to slow down of your metabolism which allows your body to store fat instead of utilizing it. Stick to a healthy, balanced diet to avoid taking unwanted calories. If you can regulate your calorie intake, you can easily burn the calories more effectively. Image Courtesy: Getty

Avoid Processed Foods

Since you are planning to burn more calories, you are either aiming at losing weight or building a lean, toned physique. Either ways, you have to stick to a strict eating routine. You should avoid processed foods that are usually unhealthy and high in calorie. Processed foods contain a lot more calories per serving than unprocessed foods and can easily add extra pounds. You may end up taking more calories than you needed as processed foods usually fail to quickly satisfy your hunger.  Instead of eating such food items, switch to fresh fruits and vegetables. Image Courtesy: getty


Avoid Overeating

If you usually tend to overeat even once a week, you are going to experience a lot of difficulties while trying to get fit and leaner. Overeating or emotional eating can fill you up with loads of unwanted calories without you even realizing it. Don’t surrender to your cravings. You should be even more careful when you are stressed or sad. Chocolate, sweets and other comfort foods help them fill a void in your life or provide some sense of relief from the situation. But, it will also make you gain more calories. While you are trying to burn more calories, it is very important to keep your calorie intake under control. Image Courtesy: Getty

Sports and Low-fat Foods

This combo technique works great for people trying to burn more calories. Practicing your favorite outdoor sports on a daily basis allows you to regularly burn more calories and sticking to low-fat food minimizes the risk of taking more than required calories. But, a low-fat label on the jar doesn’t ensure that the food contains less calories. In fact it may contain as many calories as regular version of the food item. To be on the safer side, stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid any sort of packaged food item. Image Courtesy: Getty

High-fiber Diet

You may find it surprising, but a lack of fiber can also be accounted for weight gain. Fiber not only promotes bowel health, it also gives you a feeling of fullness which makes you to eat less, thus avoiding possible weight gain. Fiber is essential to losing and maintaining a healthy weight. Make sure you add more fiber-rich foods to your diet to support your weight loss resolution. Moreover, fiber is good for your digestive system and metabolism, which are a basic requirement for maintaining healthy weight. Image Courtesy: Getty

Don’t Stress

No matter how much you try to fix things, you may still encounter difficult situations that may cause you some stress. While a little stress may not be harmful, too much stress can be bad for your health as well as your fitness plan. Stress causes your body to enter a defense mode. Preparing for the worst, the body begins to slow down and store fat. Use techniques to bust stress to be able to burn more calories. Image Courtesy: Getty



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