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7 Things Your Hands Say About You

Your hands are your strength, and you should understand all about it. Here is a look at what your hands actually say about you.

Fashion & Beauty By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jul 29, 2014

The Story of your Hands

Imagine your body without your hands, how would it be? It will be boring and sad, and pathetic to say the least. A life without hands is unimaginable, and your hands are all you have to make and to destroy. What you do with your hands is entirely up to you, your hands manifest the life that you lead. Even better, your hands say a lot more about you and your health than you can imagined. After all the eating, touching, feeling, typing, writing, flipping books, holding things, and the thousands of other things with hands, here is a better understanding of it. Understand what your hands say about you!
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Red Palms

Red palms that remain in that state for a long time indicate palmar erythema, which is a sign of liver disease. The disease means that you have  a fatty liver and the nonalcoholic variety, and it is important to note here that if you are pregnant then it is quite normal to have red palms because of increased blood flow. You should visit a doctor when suffering from red palms.
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Swollen Finger

If you seem to have swelling on your fingers even when you have reduced your salt intake and are not really waiting for your period then you might be having hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid glands underproduce hormones. These hormones help in regulating your metabolism and to keep your body going properly.
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Bony Outgrowths

If you happen to experience bony outgrowths on your finger joints then you will face difficulties in hand functions, and it will also make your fingers look pretty deformed. This is a sign of osteoarthritis and these are basically nodules that are joint closest to your fingertips! You will find that as the side bones grow in size the end of your bones would rub together and this will then stimulate the growth of bone spurs.
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Length of the Finger

Your finger's length can tell you about your health condition. A study in 2008 said that women who have longer ring fingers than their index fingers tend to suffer most likely from Osteoarthritis, and in fact this indication is prevalent in males even more distinctly. Having long index fingers mean that women have a higher chance of breat cancer and in men it indicates lower chance of prostrate cancer.
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Thick and Rounded Fingertips

Those having thick and round fingers have health issues pertaining to the heart and the lungs, or so it may seem. Oxygen levels in the body can drop if the circulation system gets impaired. Then it is found that the soft tissues on your fingertip pads grow which results in the thick fingertips. You should visit your doctor.
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Fingertips Tinged Blue/Gray

If your fingertips have a sudden tinge of blue or grey, or if they feel numb then this means that you are suffering from Raynaud's syndrome. Raynaud's syndrome causes sudden temporary spasms in your blood vessels and your arteries. This syndrome is more common in men that it is in women and it in fact gets worse with cold weather.
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Some Other Intersting Tid Bits

Here we will tell you about some interesting things about your hands, that which you would not have heard from anyone! If your little finger is held apart then this means that you have trust issues. If your top index finger is bent then this means that you are very much concerned about doing the right thing. Finally, if your index finger is longer then it means that you are a big motivator and if your ring finger is longer then you seek applause.
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