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7 Things you should actually be Afraid of

Our fear, be it about anything, gets in the way of happiness. It can be a motivator too. Take a look at the things that everyone should universally be afraid of.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / Dec 31, 2014

Things You Should be Afraid of

Our fear, be it about anything, gets in the way of happiness. It keeps us from doing things that would probably make us happy. The anxiety associated with fear can make it difficult for us to do our best, be with right people, find the best work, maintain best health and lead quality life. Things like ‘you’ll never meet your dream girl’ or ‘you will never enjoy the privileges’ can frighten you. While these kinds of fear are a part and parcel of life and may vary with individual. There are some that everyone should universally be afraid of.

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Losing a Dear Friend

We take our friends lightly and say bad things about and to them without a reason. Losing touch with your buddies is one thing you should actually be afraid of. A research at the Oxford University suggests that you need at least three close friends who you can rely on and talk things with. Friends can be more important than family. There has been plenty of scientific evidence on the power of social connections.

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Gadgets in your Hands

Smartphones and gadgets have become a part of our day-to-day lives. This piece of technology certainly makes our lives easier, but we have become too reliant on them. The drawbacks and dangers related to technological aids are health, public safety and misleading information. The use of gadgets has been linked to car accidents, hearing problems, physical injuries, obesity and developmental issues. You should be wary of the electronic gadgets in your hand as they can have negative effects on you.

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Your Favourite Sugary Treats

Sugary treats have too much saturated and trans fat, sodium or calories in them. Most of us are simply of the mind frame that they won't hurt, but give us pleasure instead. Excessive sugar in diet is not the best idea and in fact, it can wreak havoc in healthy living. Sugar contains no essential nutrients and it is bad for your teeth, can overload your liver owing to high fructose, can cause insulin resistance (a stepping stone towards metabolic syndrome and diabetes). Moreover, sugar is also a leading contributor of obesity.

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Bad Stress

A keen sense of fear is quite effective at keeping humans out of awry situations. You should be afraid of ‘bad stress’ to keep it away, knowing that it is linked to heart disease, inflammation, cancer and many other diseases. When you are afraid of bad stress, you know what you need to do in stressful situations to deal with it. If your job, relationship, or some aspect of your life is giving you stress, you should fear that you need to make some changes before stress brings you down.

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Your Love for Coffee

Most of us reach out to a cup of coffee as soon as we wake up. According to health experts, coffee in moderate amount (2 cups a day) can help you. The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant by activating the central nervous system and helping it to get rid of tiredness and improve concentration. On the other hand, caffeine addiction can have a negative impact on your health. Caffeine dependence can trigger symptoms such as headache, fatigue, drowsiness, depression, irritability, concentration difficulties, nausea and vomiting.

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Your Uncontrollable Thoughts and Emotions

There is a plenty of scientific evidence that link happiness, hopefulness, optimism and contentment to reduction or limitation of the severity of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension, cold and upper-respiratory infections. On the other hand, negative emotions such as sadness, despair and frustration can cause the extreme opposite of what happiness does. It can lead to various health ailments and worsen heart disease, diabetes and trigger a host of other illnesses.

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Too Much Information

We pick information, a lot of it flipping through emails, surfing the web, or talking to our friends. The constant influx of information can slowly choke different parts of your brain and clog it to some degree. Affecting your ability to focus your attention and manage your emotions, information can mess with you. Moreover, information can sometimes be misinformation.

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