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Lemon Surprise: 7 New Ways to do the Tangy

Lemon is not just a great way to beat the summer heat with its juice. Lemons have more credibility that you can imagine. Do you know what a lemon can do? Here is what it can do in 7 ways.

Exercise & Fitness By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jul 01, 2014

Tangy Treat!

When life gives you lemons what do you do? Well, lemon juice is a sure choice, given the heat that is making an impression this summer. The truth however is that lemons have some unexpected benefits to it that most people are not aware of. What you have to understand is that these small green and yellow fruits have more advantages to them than giving you a cold treat during summers. So when life gives you lemons, do the following things apart from making juice.

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Prevents Browning

Just a few drops of lemon juice could be great to prevent browning from fruits and vegetables. All your browning woes will vanish, think of avocado, apples, bananas, and peeled raw potatoes. All of these are taken care of with lemon juice!

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No more Sticky Rice

Here is another astonishing advantage for lemon juice. By adding a few drops of lemon in the water wherein you are cooking your rice can avert the problem of stickiness. Then an added advantage is that the lemon will whiten your rice and this will make the rice look pretty on the plate!

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Makes your Lettuce Crispy

Yes, here is one for the greens. You do not have to toss your limp lettuce anymore. Just by adding a little lemon juice and water can bring the leaves back to life and in order to crisp the limp leaves you need to soak them in a bowl of cold water and 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Let this refrigerate for about an hour.

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Soft Brown Sugar

Just by adding a slice of the skin after having removed the pulp completely, you can keep your box of brown sugar from clumping and hardening. So now as you can see it is not just the lemon juice but also the skin of a lemon. That was certainly a great surprise for you we are sure.

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Hard Boiled Eggs

Most times we fail in making the perfect hard boiled egg and it turns out to be hald boiled! This situation can be avoided if you brush the eggshells with lemon juice before you add them to the pot for boiling. Lemon juice is good as it keeps the shells from cracking when the eggs are being cooked. Also, this makes it easier to peel the eggs.

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For Yours Meat's Tenderness

This as you may already know is a great way to marinade your meat. Lemon juice is great to make your meat tender, and the acidity helps to break down the fibers present in your meat. This makes it more tender. Use lemon to make your meat tender and you will have a great dish prepared!

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Enhances the Flavour of your Food

Finally, lemon juice has great taste that can actually transform any meal. It can add life to creamier dishes and has the ability to balance the flavour in sea foods. Also, lemon is a sodium free substitute for salt. By squeezinf lemons over your food you can create great flavour.

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