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7 Things you Actually Learn in College

College life teaches us many things besides a college degree. You learn a range of things from difficult classes and getting along with annoying roommates to your social life and managing finances.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / Jan 16, 2015

Lessons You Learn in College

College life gives us many things besides a college degree. It is this phase that gives our life a direction. It is during this phase that we come to know of the realities of perceptions about life. You learn a range of things, from managing difficult classes and getting along with annoying roommate to your social life and finances. Here are some lessons that college life teaches us but cannot be put on a resume.


Meaning of Responsibility

When you are in school, all that you have to do is taken care of. When you go to college, everything becomes your responsibility. When you have to live far from home, not only do you have to feed yourself but also do your laundry and manage other things. You have to do-it-all and you take charge of life. It is in this phase that you learn to be independent. This is one of the most difficult lessons to learn but one of the most essential.


How to See the Big Picture

When we are in school, we think that the world will be at our feet as we graduate to college. It is during the college years that you realise it isn’t all that fantastic and you are an idiot for thinking that way. You understand that after you pass out of college, you will have to be a person that your father/mother is. You would have to have a steady job, health insurance, a smooth relationship and not always be doing something that you like doing.


What does a Good Relationship Need?

During school, a relationship can seem like a lot of work. With time, you realize just how to have a thriving, healthy relationship; how it requires some give and take, and is absolutely within your reach. You begin to acknowledge and take into account respect for others, companionship, mutual emotional support, sexual expression and economic security. You also take responsibility for happiness of those for whom you care.

The Burden that comes with Sharing a Room

Living with a roommate can be an intense experience. They are not the same as friends, and you need to learn various things to get along with your roomie. You will have to respect their privacy, compromise on sensitive issues, work together to determine shared responsibilities, adhere to financial arrangements and more. All of this doesn’t come easy.

Socializing with Different Types of People

During school, we don't put in the effort to make and keep friends. Good interpersonal skills come to the picture in college. It is also the time you realise that when you have good friends, you're not pressured into doing things. You are keener to build and maintain good relationships with people. You will confront all types of people, and so you will learn to work cohesively with them.

Money Management

Managing money is not easy. It is after you pass out of school that money management starts. For most, it is the first time they set up a budget to get on top of their finances. You make the breakdown structure of where your spending will go in the categories such as bills, living costs, leisure and travel. Your focus will still be studies but you will start to grasp the finance angle. After passing out, you will remember the time you started managing finances.

Keeping Things Together when Everything Falls Apart

It is during college that your emotional limits are tested. You will pick up intellectual and coping skills, to help keep things tight when everything seems to fall apart. You may confront situations like death of a grandparent, a devastating break up and an over-dramatic dispute with roommate.


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