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7 Things Women Expect from their Partners

Women are expressive, emotional and attentive towards their man and their relationship. So, they expect something similar from their man too. They have a clear idea about the characteristics which they want to see in their man. Check this list out to

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Feb 24, 2015

What Does a Girl Really Want?

When compared with their male counterparts, women have a much more defined idea about their perfect partner. And the best thing is that the definition of their perfect man is not difficult to comprehend. Here is a list of few characteristics women would love to see in their Mr. Perfect.

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Emotional Support

Women are sensitive and so they want their man to understand and show respect towards their emotions. However, this does not mean that to make things even you also have to burst out into tears over every tom dick and harry situation.

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Most women have a desire to be heard when they are sharing some important stuff about their lives. Thus, they want their man to pay attention and participate in the discussion. So, not showing interest in your latest text message while she is talking can be your secret to a happy relationship.

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Appreciating Her Cooking Skills

Surely, no one can match up to your mother’s cooking skills and nobody can make the food taste as good as the one she makes does but then, appreciating your partner for all the efforts that she has put in to cook for you does not harm. Instead, if you tell her that her food tastes amazing, it will take her to the seventh heaven.

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Showing Interest in what she Wants

Every woman understands the amount of effort and hard work that her man puts to make it big in life. But a little part of her always expects her man to leave everything aside and be a part of her little things. Taking her out for a long drive or having a romantic dance in the rain is all she wants from you.

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Be Expressive

Women are expressive. They would prefer screaming over going silent during a fight and they expect the same from you. Not replying to what she says during an argument can make things ugly between you two.

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Letting her Be

She might seek your advice on everything but it does not imply that you have to keep instructing her over every petty thing. She knows what’s best for her so she prefers you not guiding her on everything, especially if it is about fashion and style.

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Expressing Love

She wants you to show her how you feel about her quite often. So stop looking for occasions and pick any day of the week.

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