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7 Things the way you look says about your health

Ageing is not the only reason behind your stale, dull skin. Other health issues too could lead to it. The way you look says a lot about your health. Here are seven things to look out for.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 01, 2015

Do good looks mean good health?

An attractive, youthful appearance is often deemed to be a sign of good health. That’s one reason ageing and stress take the beating for causing facial lines, unsightly fingernails, or hair loss and making you look sick. What we probably don’t know is that such signs may also be caused by an underlying health problem. Here are seven physical signs that trouble may be hiding beneath the skin’s surface and you need to pay attention to it before it’s too late.

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Swollen feet

Various conditions such as sprains, strains, injuries and infections can cause your feet to swell and shoes to snug. Also pregnancy, obesity and certain medications can cause fluid retention in your feet, leading to swelling. So can heart failure because of your heart’s poor pumping action. Swollen legs, ankles, and feet are classic indications of this condition.

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Tired eyes

Baggy eyes and dark circles are giveaways from your work (read: party) nights. But, if you’re getting enough zzzs and still can’t shake that droopy-eyed look, you might want to be careful about your diet. When the fluid builds up under your thin, loose skin that sits under your bottom eyelid, you get eye bags and puffiness. While allergies and crying jags could be culprits, one of the most common causes for fluid accumulation is eating salt in excess. Foods high in sodium promote water retention throughout the body, including the sensitive under-eye area.

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Dry skin

Dry skin is a regular but minor nuisance in our day to day lives. It might be a result of cold weather, overly hot showers or simply dehydration; but some serious health issues also can cause your skin to parch. Hypothyroidism and diabetes are two such health issues which can lead to dry skin, just like nutrient deficiencies associated with a poor diet or eating disorders can. Atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries) can also affect your skin, depriving it of oxygen, producing dry, shiny patches.

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Body hair

Almost all women want long, thick hair but only on the head. Hair on other body areas is embarrassing as hell and indicative of health problems. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is a common cause of increased hair growth in young women. It can lead to infertility and infrequent, irregular or absent periods. More than 70% of women with PCOS experience excessive hair growth typically on their face, chest, stomach, back, hands, or feet.

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Wrinkles are inevitable just like the reason behind them—ageing. But apart from that, osteoporosis could give you wrinkles. You will be surprised to know that the correlation between wrinkles and bone health in early-menopausal women has been scientifically proven. The worse your wrinkling is, the greater your risk for low bone density will stand. Ageing alone cannot be blamed for causing wrinkles; excessive sun exposure or cigarette smoking also can speed the process up.

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Hair loss

If you’re wondering what caused that glob of hair in the brush, know that pregnancy, stress, disease, medication, or hormonal changes can all be accountable for it. If your hair is dry and thinning, your thyroid could either be underactive or overactive. You can take a simple blood test to check if your body is producing normal amounts of thyroid hormone.

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Facial flush

If you look red in the face even when you are not in an embarrassing situation, you could be suffering from rosacea. Facial redness with acne-like sores is a common indicator of this chronic skin condition. The exact cause of rosacea is unknown but it is believed that blood-vessel enlargement causes your face to flush. Eventually, you may have bumps and pimples and your nose may grow bulbous.

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