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7 Things That Women Should Never Be Sorry About

Saying sorry is synonymous with women. They say sorry so many times that it often feels weird especially if you are at the receiving end. Sorry is a strong word that needs to be justly and rightly used.

Mind Body By Meenakshi ChaudharyMay 15, 2015

Start by Not Apologizing for Everything

Apologizing for random things even when you don’t need to, is like choosing an easy path out of awkwardness. Research has shown that women actually say sorry more often than men do. Obviously, you should apologize if you have done something wrong but you should not say sorry just to appear more likable. There are many situations when women apologize unnecessarily. Here are things that women should never feel sorry about. Image Source:

Standing up for What you Believe In

People may have made you feel guilty for standing up for your values and what you believe in. Well, you do not have to step back or apologize because your beliefs do not coincide with theirs. Instead, make it a point to let everyone know that you will never give up on what you believe in. Standing up for yourself not only boosts your confidence but also empowers you. Image Source: The Hindu


It is a well known fact that women cry more easily and more often than men but that does not mean women are weak.  It is okay to cry and let negative feelings out because you are a human being and you have emotions. You do not have to feel sorry for crying tears of joy or pain. So, if you are more emotional than others, don't let anyone make you feel bad for being human. Image Source:

Being Honest With Your Opinion

People ask you to give your honest opinion and when you do, they are offended. They may blow up on your face saying you have made them feel bad or hurt their feelings. When something like this happens, your first attempt should be to try and console that person by saying sorry. However, you do not have to be sorry for being honest when someone asks you to be honest. Image Source:

Being Girly

Why does the cliché ‘’Be a man” have a positive significance attached to it but 'being girly' does not? People call you girly because you like to wear frills and pink lip shade. So what? You do not have to apologize for these feminine traits. Do not stop wearing those sky-high heels, that red lipstick of yours or that fancy dress just because people find you girly. What you want to wear is nobody's business. Image source:

Not Being Girly

Girls who don’t like to dress up, wear fancy clothes, makeup but rather keep their hair short are often branded as a 'tom boy'. Your aunts may be worried for you and they may always try to teach you a thing or two about being a 'girl' but you are immune to their teachings. Well ladies, don’t be sorry for not being girly. The world can’t decide what should be the length of your hair or what you should have in your wardrobe. You don't have to dress up according to their expectations. Image Source:

Needing Some ‘Me Time’

If you need some time for yourself, it does not mean that you are being selfish. There are times when you want to be left alone and it’s completely okay to feel and do so. Don’t apologize for being human and wanting to be left alone, sometimes. Image Source:

For Ending Toxic Relationship

It’s not okay to feel sorry for letting go of someone who hurts you. Being in an unhealthy relationship holds you back from reaching your full potential and detaching yourself from it is a huge step forward.  So, be proud and hangout more with people who celebrate your courage. Image Source :

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