7 Symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease

Jul 23, 2018

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    Congenital Heart Diseases

    Congenital heart diseases usually include two types of heart-related problems: heart valve defects which normally result in a narrowing of the valves or a complete closure that obstructs blood flow. Other valve defects include leaky valves that don't close properly, thereby allowing blood to leak backwards. The other type includes the defects in the walls between the atria and ventricles of the heart. Following are the signs and symptoms of the congenital heart disease. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Signs and Symptoms

    Most congenital heart defects do not get diagnosed because the signs and symptoms are either not present at all or are very few that a doctor may not even detect them during physical examination. Some heart defects do cause signs and symptoms depending on the number, type and severity of the defects. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Rapid Breathing

    Congenital heart diseases may cause rapid breathing. If you have been experiencing unexpected rapid breathing without doing any hard work, it could be a sign of a heart defect. Visit your doctor immediately for the diagnosis of any possible congenital heart disease. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Your heart controls the blood and oxygen circulation in the body. A congenital heart defect may impact both, causing unnecessary fatigue without any physical activity. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Poor Circulation

    You can experience poor blood circulation in your body when there is one or more heart defects affecting your normal heart functioning. You should visit your doctor right away once you notice poor circulation and fatigue. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Poor blood circulation caused by congenital heart defects may also lead to Cyanosis which is the change in colour of skin, lips and fingernails. The condition involves noticeable bluish tint on the lips and skin. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    No Chest Pain

    Congenital heart defects don't cause chest pain. They may cause other signs and symptoms like heart murmurs, difficulty gaining weight in children and running out of breath during physical activities. It may even cause the heart to work harder than required, thus increasing the risk of heart failure. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Limited Ability to Exercise

    Congenital heart disease may also result in limited ability to exercise or perform heavy physical chores. Notice these signs and symptoms and contact your doctor for early check-up for any possible congenital heart defect. Image Courtesy: Getty