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7 Surprising health Benefits of Love

Love has extensive healing power, the proof of which we see in our everyday lives. When i doubt, turn to love for a better life.

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Aug 30, 2014

Love's Healing Power

There once was a girl, whose heart bled to the tune of melancholy, everyone was amazed to see how sad and destitute she was. She was sick, and the doctors gave her only a month’s time, what was her problem you ask? She was alone. She was terribly alone in this great wide world, but that changed on a dark night, when the great winds blew and her heart was pounded by the thump of love. She was saved on time, and legend has it that she has never fallen sick again. Love saved her. Can you be saved by the great wind of love, or do you wish to parade the lonely alley of human sufferings? Know how love can be beneficial for your health.
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Better Immune System

Research suggests that those people who are happily engaged in a relationship seem to have higher functioning immune systems as compared to those who do not. In the study those couples who displayed a negative behavior during their fights seems to be the one who had a decline in their immune system functions. So, a happy relationship can be great for your immunity!
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Keeps your Stress Free

Stress is a major contributor for heart problems and therefore it is very important for you to remain stress free. Those couples, who are happy in their relationships and are going strong, often tend to be stress free and hence remain happy. Loneliness can often make you feel weak and sad, and a bad or abusive relationship can be very stressful; thus, improving your heart health.
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Helps you to Live Longer

According to a study which was conducted in the year 2004, mortality rates were found to be the lowest in married couples. Healthy relationships can keep you happy, and in general there is less chances of getting into risky behavior such as heavy drinking and smoking. The love and care that one gets from his or her better half can lead to longevity of life.
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Can Reduce Pangs of Pain

The pangs of pain that you feel inside of you can be minimized with the help of a good relationship. The touch of each other’s hand and the feeling of love and care can almost always remove pangs of pain from within you. The feelings of pain decrease when you are in a fulfilling and happy relationship, just by the touch of your significant other’s hand.
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Mental Well Being

Love makes us feel good, improves our mental health and keeps us steady. There are evidences that suggest that being in a romantic relationship can have a positive impact in your brain. In fact the research found that when people looked at the photos of people they love they happen to have an increase of dopamine brain activity. This indicates optimism and a sense of general well being.
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It can Clear your Skin

Yes, surprisingly so! Lovers have this healthy glow about them, and it is because when your love life is on the pinnacle, your stress levels are lowered. The coristol levels are high as, which means that stress induced acne is not a problem anymore. Therefore, this gives you less skin breakouts and pimples.
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Regulate Women’s Menstrual Cycle

Here is one for the women. Women struggling with erratic periods have more chances of getting their menstrual cycle back to normal if they make love at least once a week. This is because higher levels of estrogen are more likely to push women to have regular menstrual cycles than compared to women who have less frequently.
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