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7 Steps to Heal your Soul

Nobody remains untouched by trauma, stress and illness. Fortunately, we are all blessed with a mind that has an incredible capacity to restore and change our state of consciousness.

Mental Health By Himanshu SharmaNov 26, 2014

Healing Self

Life has its ups and downs. Nobody remains untouched by trauma, stress and illness. If there is no recovery or healing, trauma can impact us deeply. We all have minds that have an incredible capacity to restore and change our states of consciousness. You can awaken and heal your soul by accessing the inner powers not just when tragedy strikes but also to balance mind and soul. Also, self-healing is quite helpful when we are faced with challenging health issues. (Image

Listen to your Inner Self

The first requirement of self-healing is a quiet mind. A meditation practice will enable you to listen to the voice of intuition. When you relax and turn inward, you encounter the loving compassion of your soul. Even if you are new to meditation, it doesn't have to take a lot of time to learn. You can take help of the internet to learn relaxation meditation. (Image

Balance the Elements of Life

According to Hinduism, there are five manifestations of nature, namely air, water, fire, land and sky. These five manifestations (also referred to as ‘five elements of life’) are considered basis of all creations. The well-being of the body and mind can be established by purifying the five elements. To bring these elements in equilibrium, you can do simple things like visualizing a beautiful sun above you (embracing the light of the sun on you), visualizing the earth below (rubbing the earth with your feet) or feeling the air. (Image

Connect to the Divine

Whatever religion you practice, spirituality has an incredible power to heal. Redefine your spirituality and try to deepen your connection with the Divine. Divine connection has the power to improve the relationship between mind and body. Resort to the Divine by whatever name you call it, deepen your connection with Him and let Him take control of your soul. (Image

Explore your Passions

In our busy lives where we only see duties and obligations, we almost forget about things we love doing. One great way of healing is by exploring your heart's desires. Don’t starve your soul for the pleasures and passions, but give it a chance. Try to make time for something you are passionate about; doing so will bring you pleasure. If you don’t know what can please you, just make a list of the top 5 things you want to do in life and head in that direction. (Image

Give Back

Helping a fellow human being can be inconvenient at first but has some humble advantages. It makes you feel better about yourself, passes kindness and connects you with other soul. There are many ways to go about it – Buy food for a homeless person. Donate something you don’t use. Volunteer. Ask yourself "What can I do today to help someone or how can I serve? When you involve yourself in such an act and practice compassion, you are healing your soul. Be kind to others and in the most honest way, you will be rewarding yourself. (Image

Spread Love

Express your love; find ways to do so. Express your love to others, whether it is your partner, child, family member, friend, colleague, or someone you’ve never known. A hug, a kind word, spending time, a little act kindnesses or a friendly chit-chat - it all matters more than you know. Remember Mother Teresa’s quote, "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." (Image

Allow Time to Heal

Identify all of your feelings and endure it. If you’ve gone through tough times and are trying healing techniques, you need to be patient. You can think of emotional pain as if it were physical pain. Think of the amount of time a broken arm takes to heal; it hurts in the beginning but the pain decreases with time. You just have to endure it while it heals. Allow yourself time to get past emotional pain. (Image

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