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7 Signs You're the Nicest Guy Ever

It is tough to find nice guys in this tough world. But that does not mean that nice men have vanished. They are around and it is for people to open their eyes and recognize.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 27, 2015

Finding the Good Guys

Everybody starts their life as a decent human being. But then as the miseries of life unfold themselves, a completely different human being comes to life. However, this does not happen with all. Some survive the hardships and stick their good sides. And if you can relate to the following things, you have not given to the pressure and you are the nicest guy ever.

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No Use of Swear Words

While most men around you make use of swear words no matter how cool they sound and no matter how weird it makes you appear in the group of constant abusers.

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You are Bad at Lying

You are really bad at lying because you feel guilty about it which shows on your face. It is very easy for people around you to catch your lies.

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You Return the Extra Change

If the shopkeeper gave you more change than you should get, you instantly return it to them and walk away quietly.

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You can’t Backbite

It is extremely uncomfortable for you to talk about someone behind their back. You can’t utter negative things about people, even when they are true.

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Your Partner has Details of your Networking Profiles

You have no issues with giving your partner the details of your networking profiles because obviously, you have nothing to hide from them.

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You can’t Flirt

You just don’t know the art of flirting and talking to strangers is not your thing, at all. You avoid standing next to girl in public places because you think that you are being creepy.

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You can’t Differentiate between the Good and the Bad

You cannot say `no’ to anything or anyone because you cannot know the difference between people who genuinely need help and people who are taking advantage of you.

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