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7 Signs You’re Emotionally Cheating Your Partner

It may not be as profane as physical cheating, but emotional cheating is bad. It may head you towards infidelity in no time. Here are 7 tell-tale signs that warn you if you are getting too close to a "friend" and may be emotionally cheating your part

Dating By Ariba KhaliqSep 05, 2014

The Line not to be Crossed

You are married, you love your spouse, AND you have a friend of opposite sex who you are very close to. It’s not physical, you are just compatible, you like talking and that’s it. If you’ve been mentioning these things to yourself or to someone else too many times lately, you might be having an emotional affair. It isn’t a fully blown infidelity yet, but it can soon turn out so. It’s not bad to have a healthy friendship between members of opposite sex and there are some signs which tell you if you’re headed towards emotionally cheating your spouse with your “just friend”. Look out for these signs.

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You Think About Them First Thing in the Morning

As soon as you open your eyes, you think about them instead of your spouse and they are the last thing on your mind before going to bed at night. And even all the time in between, it’s them. The fact is plain and simple, your thoughts are dominated by them, and you are crushing!

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You Share Good News with Them First

Whenever something good happens in your life, big or small, they are the first ones to know. Be it your promotion, your kid’s award, or money found in an old jeans' pocket, you want to share it all with them. It’s because you are thinking about them all day.

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You Chat a Lot

If you are texting them more than you do with your spouse, best friend, mother or all of them combined, you surely know where this is heading. Of course, they “get you” but this could lead to problems later.

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You Ignore Others for Them

You may not be cancelling plans with your spouse for them and that might seem right to you but if you are cancelling out on everybody else to hang out with them, you two probably are too close. Keep a check on your feelings and try to keep the closeness limited to how it is with other friends.

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You Wish Your Partner Was Like Them

Sure your spouse is great but only if they could be more like your “friend”. A little more punctual, a careful dresser, like-minded, etc. Comparing your spouse with anyone else is a bad idea always.

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You Plan and Dress for Them

Everything you do, say, wear or plan is according to them. You have to impress them with everything you have got and you use your charm, style, intellect, and wit to do it. What they think or like about you matters more to you than what others think or like.

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You Share Secrets that NO ONE Else Knows

Not even your spouse for that matter. Because they “get you” like no one else does and they know stuff that no one else knows. If you are confiding in them more than you should, there is more than friendship going on between you two.

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