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7 Signs your Gut Feeling is Good

If all those decisions you made following your gut feeling were right, perhaps you really do have a lizard brain.

Mental Health By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Jan 20, 2015

Do you have a Lizard Brain?

That spurt of innate wisdom, that push from the little voice in your head and that controvertibility in your mind; all this is your gut feeling assisting you in taking the right decision when you are stuck in the face of knotty dilemmas. This mysterious inner voice has, if you consider in retrospect, put you through several decision making processes in a swift fashion. And, the decisions made were almost always right. Does that imply that you have a lizard brain? Perhaps it does and most definitely if you relate to these situations.


Just One look is all it takes

It comes effortlessly to you to look at a person and tell how he/she truly is.  And most often, you are so dangerously right that your friends flock to you to seek thy precious opinion.


Your Inner Voice is your Biggest Strength

When you have to deal with a knock out subject, you toss a coin in the hope to get a direction, but before the coin lands on your hand, you know what to do. Such is the generosity of your intuition.

Your Friends Worship your Gift

Intuition is a gift that every human being is born with and for some of us it comes gracefully and without any apparent effort. For the rest of us who struggle a battle with the intellect, stimulating the intuitive cells can be rather troublesome, which is why the former has an army of friends and family hunching out to them seeking help. Your gut feeling is perhaps so good that you need no convincing.

Micro-expressions Speak Louder than Words

You do not need a dedicated period of time to judge how great or wasted a person is because you have it all unveiled from their micro gestures or expressions. Subtle signs of their body language are all you need to stir up a history of their exploits.

People Think you are Crazy

When you openly voice your hunches out, people tell you how crazy you are to have thoughts about nonentities. Nothing can tell them how eerily true your words can be, though sooner or later they come to face reality.

You can Sniff the Positivity Out Anywhere

Every time you enter a settlement, you know exactly how long you will be in it before you move out. Some places you would rather not enter because they radiate negative energy.

You May be Wrong, But you are Not Alone

Sometimes, your gut feeling may put you in wrong stead, but that does not stop people from still depending on your inner voice because it only gets better.


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