7 Signs You Should Date Your Friend

Aug 07, 2014

  • 1

    Friend to Lover

    That day when the clock settled for midnight and the breeze outside played the fool with your window pane, you slept with a smile on your face, and thought about your best friend. And could it be that the sporadic beating of your heart is just a momentary shenanigan, or is it that your best friend has become your north star? Friendship means a strong bond, and it is only with the help of a strong bond that you can create a strong relationship of love. Is your love waiting for you in the form of your best friend?
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  • 2

    Spends Time with You

    The guy who is sitting with you and spending time watching your favourite flicks is definitely more than just a friend. The girl, who is watching the game of football with you because you are very excited about it, is again more than just a friend. So, what are they? These people most often turn out to be best life partners. So, keep your eyes open!
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  • 3

    Pays you Compliments

    Friends are not always out to pay compliments to each other, but if the guy or girl who is your friend does so then there is a chance that you are dealing with a potential lover. Paying compliments mean that he or she is noticing you, and remembers that scarf which you once wore. If he or she remembers a particular someday when you looked good, then well, we say you should take it seriously.
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  • 4

    Same Values

    If you and your friend share the same values in life, then well you are on for it. Think of the person whom you want as your partner, and we are not talking just about beauty. Think of that person as a human being and if your friend has these exact same qualities, then you are game for it.
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  • 5

    Hugs are getting Longer

    You are friends and you hug, which is completely understandable. But if your friend happens to linger on that hug for a bit too long then you should know that something must be up. A hug that lingers would mean that he or she likes you and like the touch of your body.
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  • 6

    Does Favours for You

    Did your guitar string snap? Well, if this friend of yours is going out of his or her way to buy you the strings then you know that he or she likes you. We mean really going out of the way! Like for example taking an early morning public transport and going someplace far and waiting for half an hour for the shop to open! Yes, that is a sure sign.
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  • 7

    Is There for You

    This is it; this should be it for anyone. If your friend is there for you when you are hurt the most then this friend is definitely lover material. Think no further and go for it. A person who loves you will do almost everything he or she can to make you feel better, and if you have such a friend, then think again. Make sure you do not freak that person out by proposing so soon, let the dice roll, you take your time.
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  • 8

    Is Jealous and Gets your Attention

    Is your friend a little jealous when you happen to talk to him or her about the new intern at your workplace? Well, this is a classic sign, and you have to be a fool to think that this is not the one. A true lover would always be jealous in such a situation and then do something completely crazy to please you and turn your attention. Not a friend anymore, be careful!
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