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7 Signs you are the Ideal Boyfriend

She does not want a big wallet. She does not want six pack abs. What a woman desires from her ideal man is completely different from what a man thinks.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 17, 2015

The Reality

A man’s idea of what a woman wants her ideal man to be like can be completely different and surreal from what a woman really wishes for. The stereotype says that a woman desires to have a combination of good looks, great physique and an amazing bank balance. However, the reality contradicts the stereotype. There are some subtle qualities in a man which can make him desirable for a woman. It is possible for you to have been born with these qualities but have them go unrealised. So, here is a look into what an ideal boyfriend is like.

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You Respect her

If unlike usual men you treat her like a princess and not think her to be from a weaker sex, you are definitely a boyfriend material.

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You Believe in Resolving Conflicts

Women want men to listen and resolve conflicts. Running away from situations is not appreciated by most women because they treat this as a sign of immaturity. So, if you can pay heed to what she has to say, you are the one she has been looking for.

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You won’t Judge her

More than a fat wallet, a woman wishes her man to let her be herself. If she can be her craziest self with you and knows that you won’t judge her, you are the one she has been looking for all her life.

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You are Listening to her, All the Time!

Most women complain of their man not paying attention to what they have to say. But, if you are the one who can make her feel that her words are precious to you, she will never let you go away.

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You are her Pillar of Strength

If you can understand her passion for things which may not be equally important to your life, you are an ideal boyfriend. If you become her pillar of strength, she will be your's forever.

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You can Compensate for Forgetting Important Things

Sure she does not like it when you forget her birthday or your anniversary but if you can make it up with your sweet gestures and make her feel that everything related to her tops your priority list, you are the perfect man.

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You Manage Time for her

No matter how demanding your job is, if you manage to make time for her, it is all she needs in life.

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