7 Signs You're Secretly Unhappy

Dec 15, 2014

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    Be Happy

    Happiness is a state of mind. No matter how much you fake it, you can never find happiness. Moreover, it cannot be possible to enjoy life or anything in it unless you are happy from the inside. No matter how cheerful you appear from outside, if you are not really happy, you will always leave traces of sorrows on every path you take. While happiness can never be permanent, some people stay chronically unhappy as compared with others. Here are the signs that can reveal if you are usually unhappy. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Life is Always Tougher on Them

    While happy people understand that life is neither always tough nor always easy on anyone, people who are really unhappy from inside usually believe that life has been and will always be a little tougher on them. They don't want to try harder to succeed at anything or get more out of anything as they have a notion that no matter how much they try they will eventually end up disappointed and sad. Such people are always ready with reasons for their misery and failure. You will always find these people describing themselves as victims of life.

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    Afraid of Trusting

    Well, it is fine to trust anyone if you want to. It is equally fine to doubt someone if you want to. However, being afraid of trusting anyone can be a serious problem with your attitude or state of mind. People who are chronically unhappy are usually afraid to trust people. They usually experience a sense of fear and harm from new people they meet. On the other hand, happy people foster great relationships with people they meet and are easily able to trust others. Unhappy people end up worsening their problems by avoiding everyone new that they meet.

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    Negative Observation

    Unhappy people always notice the negativity around them. They will always be able to share a long list of what's bad in the world. However, if you ask them about the positive things they may either appear less interested or will hardly have anything to share. Happy people are aware of both the good things and the bad things among the global issues. On the other hand, unhappy people are more interested in the negative things as they will help them justify their sadness and feel victimized. Image Courtesy : getty

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    Unhappy people are very uncompetitive.They will never find joy in anyone else's victory. They usually consider a blow to their own possibility of success. Moreover, they will always compare everyone with themselves and end up feeling jealous. On the other hand, happy people understand that luck and circumstances never favour the same person again and again. Happy people enjoy their identity and uniqueness. Even if they experience failure, happy people don't feel bad for some one else's win. An unhappy person may even start hating those who possess or achieve more than what they do themself. Image Courtesy : getty

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    Want Control

    Unhappy people don't want to attempt to achieve their goals, they rather want to control their whole life and every outcome. Happy people patiently take steps to achieve their goals, however, even after trying for long they understand that they can not ever control what the outcome would be. On the other hand, unhappy people would want to control everything just to get the desired results. After so much effort of controlling everything, they are bound to feel frustrated with every failure.Image Courtesy : getty

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    Always Worried

    Unhappy people usually fill their mind with negative thoughts about things that may go wrong in the future. They will neither have faith in anything nor have the patience to wait for the results. They will be trying to control everything to get the desired results but at the same they preparing themselves for the worst. They usually have negative thoughts of worry and fear. Happy people understand that it is useless to worry about things that one cannot control. Even when happy people experience fear and worry, they don’t make it larger than their life.

  • 8

    Nothing Meaningful to Say

    Unhappy people like to live in the past and end up sharing gossips or making complaints about everything. What's happened to them and what all wrong people have done to them are their preferred topics of conversation. Happy people live in the present and hope for better future. You can feel their positive vibe from their body language as well as their conversations. They're usually excited and grateful about several things from their daily life.