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7 Signs you are Headed for a Breakup

Breakup can cause heart-wrenching pain. But do you know what could make it more painful? Not knowing that it was coming your way. So, here are few indicators that will help you ease the pain a little.

Dating By Vasudha BhatMar 10, 2015

Welcome to Splitsville!

At times, a breakup may feel like it is standing right there on your path. However, there may be times when you and your partner suspect to move apart. No matter how cordial your breakup is, it is never easy to go through it. And, if you are unaware of the mishap that is coming your way, things can get very nasty. Staying alert by knowing the signs of a breakup can ease the pain a little. So here are the signs.

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Arguments are a Part of Daily Life

Everything you say to each other does not necessarily have to turn into an argument. However, if you are entering into word battles more often, the future of your relationship is in dark.

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Not Fighting Fair

Fighting may not be all that bad. But, what can sabotage the relationship is not fighting fair. Calling each other names and pointing fingers at each other’s character indicates trouble. Start expressing to your partner. Tell them what has upset you so bad if you want the relationship to last.

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Threatening to Break Up

Couples who wish to stick around never talk about breakup. It is for a simple reason that they wish to make it work and splitting is not even the last resort for them. However, if every argument has a breakup threat coming from either one of you, the actual split is not far then.

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There is a Disconnect

In some relationships, when a breakup is right ahead, one of the two starts to feel distant. This feeling of being distant lingers even when you are not having an argument. The feeling of this awkward distance arises because either one of you has already disconnected from the relationship.

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There are Rumours Around

Sometimes, you may not be able to find the origin of a rumour. But if you still happen to hear them constantly, you must check for them rigorously. If they persist, you are surely heading for a breakup.

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Your Lives are Separating, Slowly

When you decide to have separate identities and different lives of your own, you must do it cautiously. It is good to have your own hobbies and your own time with your friends. But, you must also have habits which make you cling on to each other, like spending one entire day together over a weekend or catching up for dinner every Sunday night. If you have stopped doing anything which makes both of you stick  around, you are soon going to hear the cruel news.

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You can feel the Change

You may not be able to pin-point the change but, there is something different about your relationship which you do not appreciate. Perhaps, it could be small things like your partner not kissing you anymore like he or she used to before leaving for work or not being called to check about your meals. These things are small but then they do make a big difference.

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