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7 Remarkable Features of Human Skin

Your skin does a lot more than what you can ever imagine; it can detect danger, ward off infections, and even help you smell.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 18, 2014

The Amazing Skin

You would be dead if you didn’t have that skin. Of course you don’t respect it as much as it deserves and its advantages are underrated. That doesn't deter the truth. Your skin not only keeps you alive, it detects danger, wards off infections, and helps you to smell. Wondering how? Well, in the forthcoming slides you will see how this remarkable, independent organ is powerful in so many ways. Image Courtesy: Getty


Diagnoses Diseases

The skin has its way of showing if you have a liver or kidney disease, diabetes, or heart issue. It is an efficient reflector of overall health and well-being. In fact, doctors have diagnosed thyroid disease by examining patients’ eyebrows. About a third of the eyebrow can stop growing because the body is conserving hormones used both for hair growth and thyroid function. Your skin can also hint at depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder if you have either. Image Courtesy: Getty


Helps You Smell

One of the most recent studies on skin found the presence of olfactory receptors in the epidermis. In other words, your skin can actually smell itself. The study also determined a common and pleasant-smelling odour promotes skin healing. Image Courtesy: Getty



Pregnant women experience it first hand when their skin stretches overnight. The skin even after stretching so much doesn’t tear because it has elastic fibres that allow it to stretch and bounce back.  Image Courtesy: Getty


Keeps You Cool.

Want to know why you feel cool after sweating? Because when your body warms up, your blood vessels dilate and the skin starts flushing. During this process, the water escapes the  body in the form of sweat. You can sweat up to three gallons a day. And, if you don't sweat, your body can overheat. Image Courtesy: Getty



Communicates your Emotions

A flushed red skin tells your opponents that you’re on guard; just how it shows you are scared when you turn white or pale. A best face put forward conveys that you're balanced, stable, and happy. A lot of different emotions can be expressed through the colour and tone of your skin. Image Courtesy: Getty


Prevents Sun Damage

Your skin burns and tans because of damage from UV light. Although, it's far healthier to prevent DNA damage, which can lead to cancer, tanning helps the situation from getting even worse. Image Courtesy: Getty


Fights Infections

Skin is your body’s first defence against infections and has its own immune system. Cells in the epidermis, called Langerhans cells, warn the body when it comes into contact with viruses or other sources of infection. Image Courtesy: Getty



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