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7 Reasons Your Cold Won't Go Away

If your cold is giving you a bad rep for your body, you are leisurely enjoying one of these 7 things that cause more harm than good.

Communicable Diseases By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Nov 12, 2014

You are doing it all wrong

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases say that an average cold in an otherwise healthy person lasts seven to ten days. If this wasn’t bad enough, in some people, the cold can last for several weeks. So if you are one of the latter, listen up, very carefully. The kind of food that you eat while you struggle with cold and the kind of activities you participate in throughout the time have a profound effect on the life expectancy of your cold. So, if your cold adores you all too much to let you be, one of these seven things needs to be truncated for you to do some damage control. Image Courtesy: getty

Stress gets the Best of You

Stress is another major immune suppressant and something we experience every day. There is no hiding from stress, but you can definitely take to meditation and other forms of spiritual practices to limit the negative effects that stress has on your life. So, find ways to manage your stress when you are unwell. According to the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, stress can make the body highly vulnerable to diseases. Image Courtesy: getty

You are friend-zoning dairy

When you put a puppy face with a draining nose in front of your friends, they will tell you to avoid dairy at all costs. This is one of the first recommendations that are thrown around like wasted marsh mellows. You need to understand that they are mere myths. Dairy does not enhance production of mucus and curd does not add hurt to injury. The upsides to milk are plenty; they are loaded with immune boosting properties and drinking a warm cupful of milk can actually soothe the throat for hours. Image Courtesy: getty

You are at the gym

For all the fitness buffs out there, missing the gym can be disappointment levels 100. But, when you have fever or cold, you must reschedule your gym dates and definitely not work out. Since cold is not all that devastating a condition for your body, you may liberally reschedule training sessions.  But, if you have body aches and chest congestion, better stay put in your cozy nestle. Image Courtesy: getty

You are not sleeping much

When suffering from a cold, you must try your best to get enough rest, especially at night when the body is replenishing itself. Even the most healthy of us fail to get enough rest, but that is one of the quintessential aspects of a life lived with uber wellness. Besides, experts opine that a lack of sleep can suppress the immune system like nothing else. Image Courtesy: getty

You are chasing a cheat diet

It may be good to note that the moment you feel your body does not deserve to be taken out to enjoy the beauties of the sun and wind, it is time to equip it with better health through nutrient-rich foods. Your body needs such healthy food more than ever when you are unwell. So, instead of binging hot chocolate and salted Lays, stuff your plate with fresh greens and fruits. Image Courtesy: getty

You are not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water has been shown to prolong common cold. The lymphatic system of our body needs to be supplied with enough fluids to rid the toxins off the body. So, drink up to flush that cold out of your system. The more you drink and flush, the faster your cold will subside. Image Courtesy: getty

You are relying on medication. Only.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says that over-the-counter medicines for cold can help relieve symptoms of cold, but they do not really help in treating cold completely or making it heal faster. Image Courtesy: getty


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