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Reasons you should be drinking water from a copper vessel

When we store water in a copper vessel, the copper smoothly leaches into the water and offers all its positive properties. Read on to know more what these health benefits are.

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Apr 24, 2015

Storing water the right way

You quiet must be remembering, the moment when our mothers stored water in a copper vessel and asked us to drink water from it after 7-8 hours. Ayurveda suggests to drink water from copper vessels because copper is assumed to have anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s an essential mineral for our body and medical studies have also proved the benefits of drinking water that are consumed from copper jugs.

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Aids digestion

Gas, acidity or the lack of ability to digest certain foods is common and here is where copper comes in. Copper accompanies properties that stimulate peristalsis (the rhythmic relaxation and contraction of the stomach that helps digest food and move along the digestive tract), execute harmful bacteria and lessen inflammation within the stomach, making it a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion and infections. Copper also aids in cleaning and detoxing your stomach and regulating your liver and kidney along with proper elimination of waste. Drink a large glass of water, stored in a copper vessel, early in the morning on an empty stomach.

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Aids in weight loss

In spite of eating fruits rich in fiber, that guarantees weight loss you don’t see results, then make an effort of drinking water stored in a copper vessel regularly. Other than fine tuning your digestive system to perform better, copper helps in breaking down fat as well, thereby, allowing the body to keep what is required and get rid of the rest.

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Heal wounds fast

Well-known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, copper also assist in healing wounds rapidly. Copper is also well-known to strengthen the immune system and supports in production of new cells. Copper is also helps curing stomach problems as well.

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Slows down ageing

In case you are apprehensive about the appearance of fine lines on your face, copper is your natural remedy. Crammed with strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties, copper has properties of fighting off free radicals. Copper also allows in producing new and healthy skin cells which replace the old dying ones.

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