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7 Reasons Why You Should Have Capsicums Every Day

If you thought capsicums add just colour to your food, you are dangerously wrong. Capsicums are loaded with a bunch of health benefits that will do you great good for the long-term.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi ChaudharyNov 12, 2014

The “Bell”e of the Ball

Capsicums add more than just colour to your dishes. This nutrient-dense vegetable is an amazing source of vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre, which makes it an intrinsic part of a healthy diet. So, get some capsicums home today and add a few here and there to your dishes to make your diet balanced and complete. Image Courtesy : Getty

Improves Digestion

Capsicum works well in treating a lot of digestive disorders. If your digestion has been haywire, add a few slices of this vegetable while cooking dishes and feel it regulate all the gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence, stomach upset, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps that have been disrupting your digestive system. It has been said to also heal stomach ulcers. Image Courtesy : Getty

Controls Diabetes

Capsicum has been said to control diabetes as well as improve the blood sugar levels in the body. Besides, it has minimal calories and thus, prevents the rise in levels of bad cholesterol, thereby preventing serious heart diseases. Image Courtesy : Getty

Relieves Pain

The Cayenne present in capsicum has pain-relieving effects and can help in fighting rheumatism and arthritis. When it is topically applied, such as a cream or ointment, it can significantly reduce pain in the affected area. The vegetable may also be directly dabbed on rubbed on the affected are for pain relief. Image Courtesy : Getty

Is Great for Heart

Capsicum helps to improve the overall health of one’s heart. Cayenne present in it has vasodilator properties, implying that it relaxes the blood vessels. This property of capsicum is also important and helpful for patients who have blocked arteries as well as high cholesterol levels. Image Courtesy : Getty

Is an Amazing Healer

The abundance of vitamin C in capsicum makes it an effective antioxidant. Capsicum can thus help in maintaining the integrity of skin, blood vessels, organs and bones. If you make capsicum a regular part of your diet, it will help in preventing scurvy and boosting your immune system. Image Courtesy : Getty

Induces Weight Loss

The limited quantity of calories in capsicums helps in inducing weight loss. The vegetable also stimulates burning of cat and speeding of metabolism as well as detoxification process in the body. You may add capsicums to daily meals and salads. Image Courtesy : Getty

Is Good for Eyes

Capsicums are high in vitamin A, which supports healthy eyesight. They are also rich in lutein, a source of carotenoids, which lowers risk of macular degeneration of the eyes. This condition is the most common cause of all the age-related visual loss. Capsicum also helps in preventing cataracts as they have high levels of beta-carotene and vitamin C in them. Image Courtesy : Getty


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