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7 Reasons why Men Fail to Get the Girl they Desire

There are few traits in men that women just cannot stand and if you have even a couple of them, you can never get the girl you desire.

Dating By Vasudha BhatMay 08, 2015

Control what you can

When a woman rejects a man, there are plenty of reasons that have a role to play. Although some of the reasons are out of one's control, most of them are mistakes committed by men themselves. So, here we give you few of those reasons that make you fail to get the girl you desire.

Being Low on Confidence

A man with low confidence is a big turn off for the entire female kind. Your level of confidence has a direct impact on your personality and when a man is low on confidence, he is perceived as a person who is low on life too.

Desiring a Girl who is Out of your League

When you desire a girl who is way out of your league, your chances of getting her is rather difficult. Although there is nothing wrong with desiring a girl who is out of your league, in most cases it would be a waste of time.

Poor Grooming

Are you those kinds who bathe once or max twice a week? Is you facial hair growing out of control? Do you smell like a fish all the time? If you can relate with all of this then here is something for you. Women hate men with poor hygiene. Period.

Arrogance and Egotism

You may have achieved everything in life. You may have a thriving career, an amazing bank balance, mansion in your name and you probably also have a limo to drive. But all this can turn against you if you are arrogant.

Being Self-centered

If you want a girl, you must think for the two of you. You will never come across as a guy who she would want to be with if you will keep thinking about yourself all the time.

You are a Bad Kisser

Your first date might go extremely well but the rejection comes after the first kiss. Your first (bad) kiss can be the deal breaker. Yes, it is cruel but then, such is life.

Male Chauvinism

Just because you think being a man makes you better than a woman does not mean a girl should take your male chauvinism. We are living in the 21st century and gender bias is no more a part of our culture.

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