7 Reasons why Being Single can be Fun Too

Feb 28, 2015

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    The Perks

    Being single can be difficult, especially when you have all your friends coupling up, having babies and setting you up with random dates. However, the fact still remains that no matter how tough it may appear to be single, it has its own advantages too. So, shut yourself to people who keep telling you how incomplete you are without someone special in your life. We tell you here a few advantages of being single that will make you enjoy singledom to the fullest.

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    You have your Me Time, Plenty of it

    This is the best thing about being single. Instead of staying glued to the phone and making googly eyes to the ceiling, you get to spend a lot of time with yourself doing whatever you want to do. Every day is a new day filled with lot of opportunities which you can explore without thinking about someone else.

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    Set your Own Schedule

    To make a relationship flourish you must spend an appropriate amount of time with your partner. Thus, you must schedule the rest of your day based on the time you are going to spend with your partner. But guess what! When you are single you don’t have to worry about a partner interfering into your plans.

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    Stronger Bonds with Other People

    Every person in a relationship at some point in their lives must have experienced fading friendships. Each one of us knows the importance of having our best buddies around. But to build a stronger relationship you will often have to let go off the random catching up with friends, weekend trips and sharing those carefree moments every now-and-then.

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    Future is Filled with Possibilities

    When you are associated with a person, they are all over your future plans. You have to have a 10 year plan as a couple to make things fall in place. But, while committed people are busy thinking about someone else’s future, singles can have their future wide open.

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    Wonderful Things can Happen Anytime

    The moment you decide to spend rest of life with someone, the fun element in your life disappears. You can no more check out good looking people, you are not supposed to have their attention and the potential of having a fling also vanishes. But when you are single, wonderful things can happen to you whenever you want them to happen.

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    You get to Choose your Friends

    When you are with someone, you must get along or at least pretend to get along with a group of people who are friends with your partner. It can be great sometimes but you no more get to choose your own friends. But if you are single, you can let go off the stress of mingling with people who you may not find want to hang out with.

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  • 8

    Stay Fit

    The weight gain which is complementary with a happy relationship is not a myth. It happens and it happens with everyone. The random outings and the romantic dinner dates are enough to build the extra layer of flab around your tummy. On the other hand, if you are single you have the liberty to be on a diet and avoid unhealthy junk.

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