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7 Reasons we should hug more

Hugs are our gestures of love and admiration, but who knew they could contribute towards our health?! Yes, that’s right for seven amazing reasons. Go hug someone right now and do it more often.

Mind Body By Namrata Dutta / Feb 02, 2016

Hug away the blood pressure problems.

How many of you know that hugs are good for physical health. The Pacinian corpuscles are the pressure receptors on our skin that gets activated when someone touches, which then in-turn send signals to the vagus nerve, lowering your blood pressure.

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Good for your heart.

A hug is not just a gesture to make you feel warm and fuzzy but as studies suggest, it can be good for your heart. As an experiment done at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where volunteers developed a heart rate of 10 beats per minute while volunteers who hugged their partners had 5 beats per minute.

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Beneficial for adults.

As a research done at Ohio State University suggests, hugging and any sort of physical contact becomes important with growing age. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, the University psychologist was quoted as saying, “The older you are, the more fragile you are physically, so contact becomes increasingly important for good health.” Loneliness at a particular age is evident and can increase the level of stress, having an adverse health effects. That is why hugging in adulthood, lessen the feelings of solitude.

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Make your stress go away.

If you are stressed, ask for a nice and warm hug and you feel the difference. Scientifically, it is proven that hugging, cuddling and kind of warm physical contact reduces the production of stress hormone cortisol.

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Happy hugging!

Hugging or embracing isn’t just a gesture. When you hug or cuddle someone, Oxytocin is released, triggering the feeling of warmth and happiness. As Matt Hertenstein says, “Oxytocin is neuropeptide, which promotes feelings of devotion, trust and bonding,” between two people who cuddle.

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