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7 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask about Open Relationships

The rules of an open relationship are completely different from a conventional one. Here are some insights.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 18, 2015

The Evolution of Relationships

The rules for being in a romantic relationship are evolving every day. Therefore, keeping a track of all kinds of relationships can get difficult. If in this scenario you have been trying to get hold of some useful information on open relationships, then you are on the right path.

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Open Relationship: The Definition

An open relationship is a kind of relationship where both the partners are free to have physical intimacy with other people.

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Does your Partner Need to Know?

Yes. Because you are in an open relationship and most likely your partner is also getting physically intimate with other people, so you two must not hide anything from each other.

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How do you Share Everything with your Partner?

You don’t have to tell them everything. Obviously, you must keep the dirty secrets about your one night stand adventures to yourself. All you need to tell your partner is that you are physically involved with someone else.

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Are there Any Rules in an Open Relationship?

The rules of an open relationship and a conventional relationship are very different. The rules differ largely from couple to couple. The couple before entering an open relationship has to lay down the guidelines not abiding to which must end the association.

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Who Lays the Guidelines?

The rules of such a relation are not hard and fast or set by an organization. It is for the couple to set rules of their relationship. While the rules can vary from couple to couple, the bottom line of every such relationship remains the same: Honesty and complete transparency.

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Do Both Partners Need to have Multiple Partners?

Usually in an open relationship, both the partners are free to explore and experiment outside the relationship. However, if one of the partners does not wish to indulge in any physical intimacy outside the relationship, then that too is okay, as long as other partner does not mind it.

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Is there no Cheating in an Open Relationship?

There is. But the rules of cheating in an open relationship are different. While in conventional relationships physical infidelity is considered to be cheating, in an open relationship it does trigger any consequences. The rules are different here. For example, both the partners can be physically involved with other people but they must not indulge in sexual activities with people who they both know and are friends with.

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