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7 Questions men are dying to ask women

Men can be clueless about a lot of things. Many unanswered queries keep doing rounds in their heads. Here is a sneak peek into what they are thinking.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Jun 03, 2015

Men are confused, too!

Ladies, if you thought you were the only ones spending major part of your life in confusion, then we would like to draw a parallel. They might not show it for most of the time, but men too have their heads occupied with a lot of confusing thoughts. They have queries which they want clarifications for. And these queries are mostly pertaining to female behaviour. So that brings us to questions men are dying to ask women. Read on and be surprised.

"Why do you take so much time getting ready?"

This is a question that has been haunting malekind for ages. That it takes women too long to beautify themselves before leaving for anything important leaves all men baffled. No man has ever understood the necessity of having a matching pair of slippers and for that matter, wearing matching nail paint with the dress.

"Why do you shoot so many questions?"

Women look for details. Therefore, they are in the habit of giving opinions on everything. On the contrary, men like to keep it simple. They never want to get into the intricacies of a situation. So, when women behave inquisitive all the time, it drives men crazy.

"Why do we have to remember all the dates?"

Women are capable of remembering dates- your birthday, your mom’s birthday, her mom’s birthday, her dad’s birthday, your dad’s birthday and the list keeps going on. But with men, it is a little different. They don’t bother so much to remember any of these.

"Why can’t you like boy’s night out?"

Sure women do have fun with their girlfriends. But, when the man tries to have some fun alone or with his guyfriends, it makes women jealous. Well, accept it or not, women can be super envious at times.

"Why can’t you introduce me to your friend?"

It isn’t like she doesn’t trust you. She is just sure that once she introduces you to her friend, you would start flirting with her. And a woman would do anything but share you with someone else.

"How long should we wait to call you?"

There is a standard rule to wait for 3-4 days before calling a girl after the first meeting. However, men can get eager and the feeling that someone might call you before him can make most men anxious. So kill the anxiety and dial the number because if the two of you have hit it off well, even she will be waiting for your call.

"How to impress a woman on the first date?"

Men want to leave a lasting impression on their date on the first evening together. This is why they want to do everything that can please the woman. Flowers and chocolates are regular. So they keep wondering about different things that the woman will appreciate being presented with.

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