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7 Qualities in People that make them Beyond Beautiful

Physical beauty is not what makes you beautiful. It is the purity of your soul which makes you or a person drop-dead gorgeous. Here are some traits of a person that makes them beyond beautiful.

Mind Body By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 23, 2015

To err is Human!

To err is human. We human beings have numerous flaws hence, we tend to make mistakes. But thank the almighty that it is these flaws that make us perfect. After all, it isn’t the complexion of your skin, the shape of your jaw line or the built of your body that makes you a beautiful person. The beauty lies deeper in the soul. So, if you wish to identify an undeniably beautiful person in the crowd or if you wish to be one, these are the traits you must look for or have.

Ability to Laugh at yourself

The best joke a man could ever crack is the one he cracks on himself. We all make mistakes and the best way to rectify them is to pass them on with a laugh. Laughing at others can give you happiness but when you laugh at yourself it can make you feel ecstatic. So, how does that age old saying go like? Life is short, live it up! You could only live up your life by laughing at yourself.

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Paying Attention to what Others have to Say

What one important trait which most of us lack is the patience to sit back and listen to someone. Either we pay no attention to what the other person has to say or very firmly we believe in `selective hearing’, which means hearing only that which pleases or interests us. So, if you find a person who can sit and listen to you patiently, cling on to that person, my friend. They are one of kind.

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Respecting Opinions of Others

A person who understands that other people can also have opinions and respecting those opinions is of utmost importance is truly a wonderful person. Most of us are so absorbed by our own idea of life that we tend to neglect what others have to say and this makes you feeble minded.

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Offering a Helping Hand

Did you not have to think twice before helping a blind man board the bus? Well, there you are! A person with a perfectly non-maligned soul. People who live with inhibitions in offering a helping hand to someone in need are themselves in need of soul cleansing. Big time!

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Making a Person Laugh when they are Low

Have you ever selflessly tried to make a person laugh? If not, do it someday and you shall experience one of the best things of your life. A pure soul believes in spreading happiness and leaving a sad person all by themselves is not their thing. They will make sure that the person starts smiling again, no matter what it takes.

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Animal Loving

This is no biggie! If this is what comes to your mind, you are beautiful person. Loving animals comes naturally to some people but then there others who think treating these creatures as objects of entertainment can make them happy. It is for this very reason that you come across incidents of animal brutality so often.

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Being Confident about Themselves

Wearing a smart outfit and make up is not what makes these people confident. They are confident in their own skin. They don’t long for appreciation because they are content with life, especially when it comes to physical appearance.

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