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7-Point checklist for a strong back

A strong back can make your life trouble-free, allowing you to be a part of unlimited activities with ease. But, if you have problems such as back pain, your life can become miserable.

Pain By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 06, 2015

Strengthen your back

Probably the best way to strengthen your back is with a combination of exercise, good posture and strengthening exercises. Here’s a checklist to make strong back so that your day-to-day life doesn’t slow down.

Maintain a healthy weight

A healthy weight gives your back a lift by lowering strain on your back. So, keep that weight off for your back’s good.


Performing cardio exercise not only helps you to maintain or lose weight but also strengthens your back and core. Exercises such as jogging, running, swimming and jump rope can give your back muscles a good workout.

Lift weights

One of the less-talked benefits of weightlifting is back-strengthening. Bench press, lateral pull-down, dumbbell fly, lateral dumbbell raise, bent-arm dumbbell pullover, overhead press and deadlift can keep your back in top shape.


Whether you sit or stand, make sure your posture is right. While sitting, keep your feet flat on the floor and the back straight. Sit on a chair that supports your lower back. When standing, your shoulders should be pulled back and your chin held high.

Use caution when lifting heavy objects

Bad exercise form when working with weights will turn into an injury.So, be cautious while lifting heavy weights. Being careful is quite an important step to a healthy back. Always bend at your knees and keep the back straight when lifting weights.

Pay heed to your body's signals

To prevent you from harming your back, pay attention to pain or twinges in any part of your back. If you feel your back pain during an activity, it is a signal to ‘stop and rest’.

When to seek medical advice

Back issues may require medical attention. See a doctor if at any point of time your back starts to ache after a fall, you experience bladder or bowel problems more than a few times or have back pain that persists for more than a week.



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