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7 Monsoon mistakes you should avoid this season

Monsoon is not just about beautiful downpour and cool weather; it is also about allergies and infections caused due to humidity and carelessness. Here are 7 monsoon mistakes you should avoid to enjoy the weather to its fullest.

Mind Body By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 05, 2015

Our love-and-hate relationship with monsoons

Rains are lovely; who wouldn’t like the cool and cosy environment after the hot, humid summers! However, along with joy, they bring various infections, namely food poisoning and seasonal flu. Most of these ailments happen because of our carelessness about hygiene and cleanliness. Here are 7 common monsoon mistakes you must totally avoid in order to stay healthy and save those sick leaves.

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Not being prepared for the season

Always carry an umbrella, or raincoat while stepping out of your house during monsoons even when it’s not raining because you never know when it might. Drenching in rain water can give you cold and flu and you can be bed-ridden for days together. If you live in a densely populated and highly polluted city, such as Delhi, you might be harmed by acid rain. Skin infections are the most common result of drenching in adulterated rain water.

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Eating fried foods

A monsoon evening seems incomplete without a hot plate of pakora or bhajiya and a cup of masala chai but beware of the gastronomical complications you might be inviting. You suffer acidity more during the season and such comfort foods cause bloating and indigestion. Also steer clear of eating foods from open eateries for they can be unhygienic, causing you an upset stomach and even skin infections.

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Missing exercise

Rains are the most common excuse people give to skip the gym and stay indoors stuck to their back-to-back rom-com movie collection. Not exercising makes you more susceptible to infections and allergies because the damp air during rains carries different strains of bacteria that can easily enter your body. The best way to get rid of such allergens is to sweat it out. If stepping out is not an option, do activities indoors.

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Not drinking enough water

Yes, the weather is changing, days aren’t that hot anymore and you don’t feel thirsty often, but humidity also leads to dehydration. This results in weakening of immunity and lethargy so make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

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Sleeping more or less than required

It’s tempting to oversleep on cooler days. However, some of us also take pleasure in sleeping less to be able to enjoy the short-lived season of rains. Which one is better you ask? None, we say. Both of these interfere with your circadian cycle and harm your health. You could experience low immunity, indigestion and general fatigue when you don’t sleep sound for at least and no more than 7- 8 hours.

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Being careless about hygiene

Washing your hands before and after meals is not enough; you should clean your feet with soap or antibacterial solution if you’ve stepped into a puddle. Ignoring personal hygiene can lead to seasonal fever, infection and other monsoon-related ailments.

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Piling up the laundry

During the humid season, your clothes don’t dry soon enough. Also every time you get drenched in the rain, you have more clothes added to the laundry basket. Delaying laundry leads to damp clothes, which are a breeding ground for bacteria. This is especially harmful for elderly and children because it can cause lung infections. So, do your laundry on time.

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