7 Miraculous Herbs for Faster Weight Gain

Feb 16, 2015

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    Gain Weight the Healthier Way

    While a majority of the population faces troubles fighting obesity, knowing that someone somewhere has a desire to gain weight appears to be fictional. But then the reality is that there are some people who need to put on some weight due to various reasons. Some people have an active metabolism, some are genetically bound to be thin and some just don’t eat enough. However, weight gain does not mean that one should binge eat junk food because it would only make a person fat and not healthy. So, here we suggest some herbs that will help you put on weight in a healthier way.

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    Chamomile is considered to be one of the best remedies to increase appetite. Your daily intake of this herb will effectively increase your appetite and you will soon see changes in your weight. If you have been underweight all your life, use chamomile and its extracts.

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    Blessed Thistle

    Often used in bitter tonics, blessed thistle is popular for increasing appetite, improving digestion and increasing body weight. People who have tried and tested every other method to put on some weight must try blessed thistle.

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    For decades, gentian roots have been used to treat people who experience unwanted weight loss and lack of appetite problems. The herb helps the body to absorb food right away and besides increasing the gastric sensations, it also increases the appetite and bile flow. It’s bitterness helps you eat better during meals.

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    Dandelion Root

    An amazing herbal supplement, dandelion root is often used by women to increase appetite and trigger weight gain. To stimulate the appetite, this herb is specially recommended for pregnant women. It is loaded with beneficial nutrients which makes it a healthy choice to put on some mass on the body.

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    Chen Pi

    This dried citrus peel supplement improves the digestive system thus, increases the appetite. Besides being used as relaxant chen pi is also used to treat dyspepsia. It increases body’s natural secretions and relieves the abdominal distention.

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    For ages, ginger has been popular for its medicinal properties. From common cold and cough to intestinal issues, ginger has always been a favourite remedy to treat health conditions in many households. It provides a cure for poor appetite effectively and helps you enjoy meals better.

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    Custard Apple

    Other than being a suitable remedy for weight gain, custard apple is a herb which is known for having a cooling impact on one’s body and brings down the heat easily. It counteracts anorexia and increases the chances of putting on weight.

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