Makeup products you should totally be using

Apr 10, 2015

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    Does your vanity box have these things?

    The beauty industry has been rolling out beauty products, one after other. Some of them should definitely be a part of your vanity box. Find out which ones are you missing out on?

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    Lip sealer

    If you think your lipstick will stay from 9 to 5, you are wrong! You do need some extra help. A lip sealant gives a transparent coat and make your lipstick stay for long.


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    Brow pencil

    Brown pencil can give your eyebrows the definition. It will darken eyebrows besides sculpting it into shape.



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    Clear Mascara

    If you think a heavier eyes look better on you, you should turn to mascara. It makes your eyes look bigger and gives them a dewy finish.


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    Makeup Primer

    The job of a primer is to prep your skin for the heavy makeup that will envelop it soon. Often, there is a lot of oil on your skin (even after you cleanse it multiple times) and there is also uneven skin tone with breakouts and so on. The primer gives skin an even tone and helps makeup settle in well.

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